The State of the Campaign

Although every story leads to yet another, we can recognize a major narrative arc has concluded: the reign of the undead in Tosasth is over. The entire thread of play covered 78 sessions that ran from May 12, 2018 to August 14, 2021. Time in the game world also covered about three years.

The Story So Far

The tale began when Tienarth’s Raiders when Lah asked the party to travel to the town of St. Orlan to investigate townspeople gone missing. They tied the demonic infiltration of the temple there and the attack on the town by zombies to a recent trip to the fallen city of Tosasth. For a time, they tried to forget the looming threat by fighting gogglers in the southern jungles. Upon their return, Lah scolded them for abandoning their holy quest to find Tosasth. During their absence, a vampire plagued St. Orlan. This fiend was chased from his crypt to an ancient elven cave-crypt, the first of several they opened and looted over the course of half a year.

Having grown in strength, they soon found the courage to travel West towards where they thought Tosasth lay, though fearing the white dragon rumored to range over the mountain pass, they chose an underground route. This led them past an underground tower, to the dwarven tradepost Kegh Buldorh and finally to a hidden door overlooking the valley of Tosasth. In that city teeming with undead, they traveled to the realm of Haderax and sealed the portal there, but soon decided the remaining challenges were too great.

A quest to find the bones of St. Jaludi helped them feel confident in returning to Tosasth, where they systematically looted estates, some inhabited by vampires and black knights. During a trip back home, an army of Gnolls began their own looting of the undead city, requiring a vicious extermination of said humanoids. The horrors of the campaign finally broke the spirit of their rash cleric, Ghevont. Yet, the team persevered and grew stronger by the addition of two fighting men, Jerker and Urgesh the barbarian.

The campaign could be called complete when the gargantuan automaton called Molokotu crashed out of his underground lair, marched East and destroyed an ancient dwarven city where the larger gnoll army camped. All sources known to be transferring the undead into Tosasth were destroyed, and warm sunshine bathed the ruined city from clear skies.


Tienarth’s Raiders currently occupies a small farmhouse near the town of St. Orlan. A small flock of sheep roam inside a hedgerow. On any given day, one or more transients lured by the growing reputation of the crew camp in the fields, hoping to be invited on some mission or other. Despite the gruesome deaths met by these hanger-ons, the supply of fresh aspirants has not diminished.

Permanent residents at the Jonamor Estate are Tienarth, Ferris, Aderian, Jerker, Longstream and Urgesh. Bottoms and Azrak nominally belong to the residence but are typically not present. Ghevont disappeared on a boat, headed East. A few less important characters might be found within the hedgerows, but their names are not yet worth mentioning.

The town of St. Orlan remains firmly in the control of Sheriff Bremlai. An inquisition lead by red-armored Enguin has continued for nearly two years. The arrangement between Bremlai, Enguin and the Raiders is still in effect. The three groups agree not to interfere with the pursuits of the other groups. Primitive refugees from the West still camp near town, with various groups considering them resources to exploit, including the church. Sheriff Bremlai, suddenly interested in family, has taken three wives and perhaps looks for a fourth.

The war between gnolls and dwarves in the south ended with the defeat of the dwarves. Demand for arms in St. Orlan and Slateholm diminished. Leaders in these human settlements, including Morgansfort, continue to be concerned with the threat of Trazekk Blightmask’s gnoll army now able to take advantage of dwarven slaves.

Morgansfort is slowly recovering from the disarray of having lost Baron Halden Morgan to a swift illness. His younger brother, Owain the Gorgeous arrived midyear to settle the populace. He is known to be foppish but handsome.

A notorious criminal, The Blue Mask, is rumored to be preying upon the roads between St. Orlan and Slateholm. He’s known for a polite manner and for leaving a prepared poem with those he robs. Slateholm itself remains the bustling capitol of the region, still frequented by buccaneers and traders moving over water and land. A trade route with a distant kingdom called Sax Nehringhen recently opened. Supply of healing salve coming from Malcolmsfort has dwindled, driving prices up.

News of the empire or of the lizard lands has been sparse of late. Some in Slateholm claim to have seen the sails of Captain Tawny’s Crimson Disgrace at a distance, but if any of her crew visited the harborside taverns, they made no event of it.

Opportunities for Adventure

Mysteries and unfinished explorations remain for Tienarth’s Raiders to pursue if they so choose. The following list, in no particular order and certainly not exhaustive, may inspire more detailed plans.

Molokotu now stands motionless over a dwarven city, ruined and ancient. The portion build into the rock walls of the canyon at his feet may yet hide treasures. Might the giant be disturbed into action once again?

The ruins of Tosasth cry out for rejuvenation and resettlement. What horrors lurk in the sewers? Will Rellora’s people return to claim the city as their own? How can the nearby wilds be pacified?

Two vampires escaped: the beautiful Talinashta and the hideous Pelinor Elixidor. Will they return to a Tosasth filled with living victims? Will they seek revenge versus the liberators of the city of the undead?

The black knight Imra Herrel indicated he’d leave Tosasth. Where has he gone?

Dova Jonamor of the House Nelaser was an ally though suffering under the curse of mummified undeath. Does he still seek redemption?

What became of the ghost called Petfaren? His home was crushed by Molokotu.

What wonders lie deeper in the underground tower found between the dwarven mine and the city of Kegh Buldohr?

What’s behind the unopened door in the dwarven mine? And what became of the hermit, Germek?

Why does the inquisition in St. Orlan continue? What are the schemes of Enguin?

What is to be found past Muleshoe to the west?

If the crew of the Crimson Disgrace can be contacted, will they sail again for the southern jungle? How fares the lizard folk, and have the gogglers returned?

Why were gogglers found in nearly every underground space?

Where is Dragonpit? Where is Siahac?

What was that thing down the well on the other side of the whirlpool?

Are the secret societies whispered about real? (Night Lepers, The Returners, The Ears of the Lord, The Order of the Hound, The Unalloyed, The Spectre Society, The Elders of the Expansive Waterway.)

Can the sunken ship known as The Scarlet Blade ever be found?

Where is the temple where the body of Ghot rests, clutching his obsidian scythe?

What wealth might be generated by recovering the secrets in iron mine of Noss?

Who has Azrak’s ring, Sheebalb’s Blessing?

Stoyk lead an expedition into an underground temple of built by giant worms. A giant pit with a spiraling stair descended into darkness. What might be found there?

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