Hooks and Leads

Following are various hooks or leads on adventures.

  • Ferris possesses an alchemy book.
  • Ghevont owns two mirrors, one missing rubies, stored at Lah’s Retreat.
  • Globo disappeared with the sword Morto Im Morto.
  • Ebahi the vampire still pesters the town of St. Orlan.
  • Tosasth remains unvisited despite Lah’s desire for the party to investigate it as a source of undead. A white dragon lives on the road to Tosasth.
  • On the road to Tosasth is an abandoned mine, sealed off due to a demon attack.
  • A transient in Slateholm told them about a cave with treasure in it.
  • Far to the west is the town of Dragonpit where people mine ancient dragon scales and the famed wizard Siahac looks down from his pyramid.
  • There are whispers of secret societies doing mischief in the shadows: Night Lepers, The Returners, The Ears of the Lord, The Order of the Hound, The Unalloyed, The Spectre Society, and the Elders of the Expansive Waterway.
  • The legendary ship, The Scarlet Blade, guards it’s treasure somewhere at the bottom of the sea.
  • The Tomb of Ghot slumbers somewhere in the southern jungles.
  • Herlukort’s Cache probably does not exist.
  • Nass’s Iron Mine, if found, might provide some new technology that would make anyone wildly rich.