When a player character goes to zero hit points or below, roll 2D6 and consult the following table. Add the constitution bonus to the roll. Divide the current hit points by the character’s level and add it to the roll. That makes it 2D6 + CON BONUS + (HP/Level). The effects of negative hit points fades as a character goes up in levels.

You may use the generator for these results.

All Save vs Death rolls below use the character’s CON bonus, positive or negative.

Surviving characters immediately suffer 1 point of damage to the stat listed in the hit location table below. This damage is permanent.

2d6Result of Deadly Blow
2Instant Death: roll on hit location table below. The character is dead with no Save vs Death.
3Fatal Wound: The character dies in 1D20 x 10 minutes. Only a wish or similar effect can heal wound.

Knocked Out until death unless Save vs Death is made. If the character makes the save, they are conscious and can move feebly but cannot fight or perform otherwise strenuous actions. Roll for location. Any limb struck is completely useless. If hit in the head, the character is blinded (1-3), deafened (4), or unable to speak (5-6).


Severed Limb:  Consult the hit location table, below.

Blades sever limbs. Crushing weapons turn flesh and bone to mush. Puncture wounds severe a major blood vessel, causing the limb to become paralyzed and to later shrivel and die. Other types of damage, such as fire or acid, burns away flesh over a large area to produce a similar effect. In all cases, the limb is lost without magical regeneration.

If hit location is the head and the character wears no helmet, treat this result as a roll of 2, Instant Death. If the hit location is the trunk, and the character wears no armor, treat this result as a roll of 3, Fatal Wound. Otherwise, the character will die of bleeding in 1D6+2 rounds.

If the hit location is to the trunk, a large chunk of flesh is destroyed. Skin may grow back over the wound, but it will always look grotesque. The area is permanently weak and any blow to this spot will instantly kill the character.

Bleeding characters may be saved with healing magic, a tourniquet, or cauterization with fire, except that cauterization will not stop bleeding caused by burns.

Surviving characters require 3D6 weeks to recover.

Knocked Out until death unless Save vs Death is made.

6-7Broken Bone: Consult the hit location table below.

If hit location is the head and no helmet is worn, Save vs Death or fall into a coma. Otherwise, 3D6 weeks to heal before the limb can be used. Character with broken legs or feet cannot stand or walk.

If hit location is the the back, the character is permanently paralyzed and unable to walk.

If hit location is the chest, broken ribs will prevent strenuous activity for the duration of recovery.

Knocked Out 1D20 rounds unless Save vs Death is made.

8-9Knocked Out for 1D12 rounds from a blow to the head if wearing a helm. If no helmet, then treat as a Broken Bone and roll for location (which likely will not be the head).
10-11Stunned for 1D4 rounds and lose helm if wearing helm. Knocked Out for 1d12 rounds if not wearing helm.
12Rage: A surge of adrenaline returns 1D4 hit points per hit die. At the end of the combat, the adrenaline drains away, hit points are reduced to zero, and the PC faints for 2D6 rounds. If you roll this more than once in a single combat consider yourself a Bezerker under the effects of a potion of super-heroism.
1d100Hit LocationStat
1-10Top of SkullINT
11-13Back of SkullINT
14-23Right SkullINT
24-33Left SkullINT
42-49Right ChestCON
50-57Left ChestCON
58-64Right BackSTR
65-71Left BackSTR
82-86Lower BackSTR
87Right ShoulderSTR
88Right Arm, UpperSTR
89Right Arm, LowerDEX
90Right HandDEX
91Left ShoulderSTR
92Left Arm, UpperSTR
93Left Arm, LowerDEX
94Left HandDEX
95Right ThighSTR
96Right KneeDEX
97Right FootDEX
98Left ThighSTR
99Left KneeDEX
100Left FootDEX


Azrak, a 2nd level fighter, has 3 HP and is struck for 5 HP, making his new HP total -2. Azrak has 15 CON, so he will add +1 to the roll. Azrak is 2nd level, so he takes -2 and divides by 2, making -1. The +1 CON bonus cancels out the -1 adjustment for going into negative HP. Azrak rolls a 7. He’s got a broken bone. It’s his right arm. He also rolls a save versus death and fails. He’s knocked out for 13 rounds. When he wakes up, he will be able to do nothing beyond walk, and his carrying capacity is halved.

Resurrection or Reincarnation

Dead characters my be resurrected by clerics or reincarnated by magic users. Either specialist is likely to ask for at least 2,500 gp. Clerics will also require the character to complete a quest.

February 20th 2018 Revisions

  • Apply stat damage
  • Handle severed limb of chest or gut
  • Handle broken back and rib
  • Add detailed locations for head and trunk

February 28th 2021 Revisions

Hit locations revised based on real war statistics.

Adapted from Troll and Flame’s Deadlier Death and Dismemberment