Session #87 – Just Another Hole in the Ground

When the sun rose over the Jonamor Homestead on the 30th day of Elephant, Ferris and Bismi the herbalist were still awake, grinding herbs and mixing potions. Outside, bedrolls and tents dotted the the pasture, each holding adventurers from all directions who’d come after hearing tales of heroic deeds by Tienarth’s Raiders. Azrak and Bottoms had let them all stay, encouraging them that perhaps a role in the next expedition might be available soon.

Meanwhile, Ghevont remained at Lah’s Retreat, presumably studying holy texts. Tienarth had descended into the cellar and rarely ventured out. Some whispered rumors about what arcane pursuits the ancient elf might indulge in while alone. The pirate Aderian had not been seen for weeks, choosing to spend his time in the many taverns in St. Orlan.

A hour after dawn, a figure rode into the grounds on a pony. He dismounted, scratched a voluminous belly and rapped loudly on the front door. Ferris rubbed tired eyes. “I am Lionerdhon,” began the stranger. “I farm wheat. My wife insisted I come. My children found a cave. Maybe a bear hides in there. I heard you killed a bear in a cave near Muleshoe.” His lazy words trailed off without a direct request. Ferris scanned the field then turned back to the farmer. “Fine. I’ll send a few men. Maybe there’s gold down there.”

“Raffi!” he yelled, startling the dwarf stretched out on the porch. “Take him, him, him and him and go out to this villager’s farm.” Without much care, the rogue had pointed to the few figures who’d stared at the exchange from their grassy beds. Presently, Raffi faced the other four and related what details he had. They were an odd lot: a tattooed woman in green called Yari, a thick barbarian with a low brow, the paladin Stoyk and a forest scout named Tenren. A brutish dog heeled close to the barbarian, Urgesh.

On arriving at the farm later, the farmer pointed them to a canyon into which they descended to find the cave opening behind low shrubs. They lit torches and pushed inside the narrow passage. They only glanced at a shallow pool of water before arriving at a larger chamber where they stumbled on four bandits. A quick exchange of words led to the bandit leader striking Yari with a burning torch. Immediately, arrows flew and swords were drawn. Two bandits surged at the barbarian, each landing severe blows. He hacked at them as his dog joined the battle.

As the bandits fell, the leader attempted to dash past them to escape but was struck from behind and died on the cave floor. The party dragged the bodies out of the cave and returned to search. Raffi found a patch of freshly disturbed earth, dug with his hands and uncovered a leather pouch. It contained 29 sp, 20 gp and a silver signet ring engraved with a fanciful R.

Further into the cave, they found a open pit above a room of formal construction, not natural cave. Raffi secured a rope to a spike and descended into the darkness. Four skeletons lay about the round room where one passage out was filled with rubble and another was closed off by a double doors. Suddenly, the skeleton stood up and reached out out claw at the dwarf. Yari scrambled down the rope as the other waited. Soon Stoyk joined the battle in the room as well. Weapons crashed into bone. Arrows flew past the skeletons from from Tenren’s bow. Finally, Urgesh tossed his bolo, which wrapped around a skull, crushing it as the two stones came together.

Now somewhat injured between the sword blows from bandits and the bony claws of skeletons, they gathered again in the bandits’ former camp to rest. After recovering somewhat, including by virtue of Stoyk’s holy power, they returned to the double doors. Though barred, Yari’s well-placed kick splintered them, revealing a smooth, clean hallway.

Doors to the left and right were locked and sturdy to repeated blows. The only way forward was down a diagonal passage that lead to a long, wide hallway. A doorway to the right offered narrow stairs, which they descended to find several tombs. The stone sarcophagus stayed closed, sealed shut by iron bands. Further into the tomb, black incense piled up in dishes. Yari touched a torch to the incense which immediately flamed up and then filled the chamber with toxic fumes. They quickly retreated back to the large hall, filled with dread.

At the end of the long hall were more doors that opened to a large, round chamber that reminded them of an arena. Opposite them sat a fearsome statue of a demon, horns protruding from both sides of his skull. Stoyk knew this figure as Molok. The name Pagnir Parkis came to Yari. No one could look upon this figure and conclude anything but that it was evil and not meant for the natural realm.

Spooked by this fearsome image, they retreated again to surface where they met Lionerdhon. He agreed to let them camp on his property while they rested and made plans. They stripped the the bandits of their swords and armor and walked into town to sell them. The bodies they dropped off with Sheriff Bremli, though they were unrecognized as wanted men, they were assumed to be outlaws and fed to the hogs.


  • Treasure: 29 sp, 20 gp, signet ring (10 gp), 4 short swords, 3 suits of leather armor
  • Kills: 4 bandits (100 xp), 4 skeletons (100 xp)
  • Characters
    • Ferris/Henry
    • Stoyk/Henry – 44 xp
    • Urgesh/Jeff- 40 xp
    • Raffi/Bob- 40 xp
    • Tenren/Tre- 44 xp
    • Yari Windwalker/Jason- 40 xp

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