Cave Campaign #5 – Caves Discovered

Characters: Talon/Jeff, Rodel/Leon, Jobar/Henry, Shazuka (ne Gause)/Audrey, Oliver/Grom, Nick/Org

The party was well-rested and headed back out into the wilderness to the east. Talon was left behind. They were attacked by orcs in the first night of camping, but dispatched them easily. The next night they encountered two orcs who were more challenging, significantly hurting Org. Suddenly Talon appeared and then the two orcs were killed.

That night, Talon killed a fox while hunting. Grom paid 2gp for the brain, which he ate. The assassin who keeps renaming herself paid for the tail, which she attached to her belt.

The next day, Talon went scouting on his own while the rest of the party just waited. He tracked an orc to a clearing. After a day, they all headed to the clearing. Rodel walked into the treeless area and up a hill. From there, he could three entrances to caves.


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