Cave Campaign #4 – Uriah Undone

Characters: Talon/Jeff, Uriah/Leon, Jobar/Henry, Gause (ne Kuran)/Audrey, Raven/Claire, Clemo/Jared.

Picking up immediately after the defeat of the orcs, players Nick and Oliver could not attend. Their characters turned back to town. The rest of the party approached the ruins and spotted two more orcs. Arrows dropped one. The other fled. In the ruins, they found a captive named Raven. Since it was now dark, the party camped in the ruins.

At night, each watch was disturbed by monsters. First, giant bats arrived and easily killed. A few hours later, Talon spotted another flying creature, although the best choice would have been to let it fly on, he gave into temptation and fired an arrow. It turned out to be a giant bee which prompted dove down and stung him. Luckily, he avoided swift death from the poison. Finally, orcs returned. A melee commenced.

Previously, Talon had strongly reproached Uriah for slinging into a melee, yet in this fight, Talon blithely fired into the crowd, reasoning his chances of missing were low. His aim was true. Next, Jobar made a similar calculation. His aim was not true. Missing the orc, his arrow hit Uriah in the neck. In a terrible turn of fate, the arrow struck a fatal blow. Uriah collapsed in a heap, gurgling blood.

The orcs were finished off, and the party carried Uriah’s body back to town where they delivered it to the church. A new cleric of the same order took possession of the body and the valuable armor, which he donned. Rodel agreed to join the party. Also joining was the paladin Clemo. Talon, quite hurt from the previous battle with the bee, stayed in town to mend. The rest of the party headed south east to find the caverns.

On the first night, they were attacked by Gnolls. During the battle, Clemo raised his right arm in defense and it was badly broken, so much so that he passed out from the intense pain. Desperately, the rest of the party fought ultimately to victory. In the morning, they turned back to town. Clemo has months of rest ahead of him and his arm will never be the same.

Meta Notes

  • This was Claire’s first game of an RPG, and as we see with new players, she was quiet most of the time. Afterwards, Audrey said Claire had a good time, despite the two of them not always being focussed.
  • Nick could have come, but he just didn’t want to. It’s possible he doesn’t like playing in this campaign.
  • Jared really seems to want to play in a gonzo-style campaign. He frequently asks to do anachronistic things such as investing in the stock market.

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