Session Report #24 – Why You Don’t Just Kick Down Every Door

Players: Tre/Tienarth, Henry/Ferris, Nick/Azrak, Jeff/Ghevont, Audrey/Nebula

Where was Globo? The ever-reliable warrior was nowhere to be found, but Nebula returned and the party headed back into the dungeon. Ferris took the initiative to lead the party down through the ant nest entrance, down the stairs to the second level and deeper into corridors not yet explored.

At the first door, they found an empty, dusty room. Bits of dirty rags littered the floor. A quick search found nothing else. Exploring south, the party found stairs going down. They turned back, wisely avoiding more terrible terrors.

They noticed an error on the map and went back to the dusty room and delved farther into the dark maze. At the very next door, Azrak impatiently kicked the door open. A fetid odor spilled out into the hallway. Giant flies began buzzing around. Ferris, Azrak and Ghevont rushed into the room, judging the monsters no great threat. They didn’t count on the foul insects ability to crowd them, attacking from all angles.

The flies pushed outward into the hallway, biting at Tienarth and Nebula. After a few bites, a meaty fly knocked Ferris to the floor, snapping a rib or two. Sensing grave danger, Tienarth fired off a sleep spell and most of the flies fell to the ground. Presently, the flies were dispatched.

The fly nest contained rotting corpses of beasts, lizards and giant bees, run through with maggots. Filled with disgust, Ghevont lit the whole mess ablaze. Debilitating smoke spewed outward, choking their lungs. Ghevont and Nebula lost a step breathing in that stench. Meanwhile, Ferris was revived, though his ribs ached and his sword was not quite as quick.

A bit farther down the hall, again Azrak kicked open a wooden door. This time, they found a room filled with zombies praying to an obscene wooden idol of a demon. The zombies stood up from their pewed and attacked. The party brazenly though, they are only zombies. It wasn’t long before their very lives hung in the balance.

The rush of zombies surrounded the two fighters and the cleric. Wicked blows from the zombies clawed hands cut each adventurer deeply. Ferris hung back and flung flaming oil. Tienarth used the reliable web spell. The next moment, a flaming zombie stepped into the webbing and set it alight. All zombies were charred but still fighting.

Nebula backed off due to waning health. Then Azrak felt the heat. Ghevont provided aid and helped Azrak out of the room. Ghevont stood at the door and threw flaming oil directly in front of himself. Besides starting a mighty blaze at the only exit to the room, he also splashed burning oil on himself. His face was seen to lose all color and beads of sweat rippled down his brow.

The remaining zombies came forward directly into flames. Despite high danger, Ghevont avoided their blows and they burned into immobile hunks of charred putrid flesh.

The party limped back to the dusty room, shut the door and spiked it close. They slept a fitful night knowing that more horrors roamed the halls of the dungeon.

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