Session Report #23 – Brilliant Benediction

Players: Tre/Tienarth, Henry/Ferris, Nick/Azrak, Jeff/Ghevont, Oliver/Globo

Again, the party went back to the dungeon. At the camp spot, they met two amatuer adventures. Word was out about treasure in a dungeon now cleared out by Tienarth’s Raiders. The party tried to convince them of the danger, and the two fellows said they’d just tag along. Ferris was suspicious.

The first room explored this time had a large mirror that reflected the room but not the current contents. They watched a scene in the mirror of a human rushing in followed by a bugbear that dragged him out. The party convinced the two amateur adventurers to take the mirror back to Morgansfort.

Across the hall, another room contained nothing but a chest. Azrak poked a hole in the chest and pulled out a scroll. Immediately after Globo read “you lose” on the scroll, the door slammed shut. Azrak threw himself at the door and busted it out on the first try. Just as the party escaped the room, poison gas hissed out.

The party went back to the constantly dark room. On a lark, Ghevont knelt in prayer and The Anointed One granted a miracle, dispelling that darkness. At that moment, Ghevont suggested everyone tithe in honor of the one true god.

Tienarth wondered if the room contained treasure. He pulled out his wand, but it lead the party back to the room with tunnel and ladder beneath a flagstone. They experimented for some time. Eventually, Ghevont threw a burning flask of oil down, then dropped a rope. When he pulled it up, it was burned. He waited for the fire to burn out, then took a leap of faith down the pit. The illusion was dispelled and he say a small coffer in a niche. It contained a few gold pieces.

The party checked out the bat room and were attacked by giant rats. No bats were left.

Finally, the party checked the last room on the upper level, a giant beehive. Tienarth cast invisibility on Ferris who scouted the hive. He lit fires in the hive that drove the bees out. Finally, he found a secret room with a magic mirror. Empty settings in the mirror looked like the same size as the tiger eye rubies they’d found before.

After heading out of the dungeon, they met the two fellows with the other mirror back at the camp. They figured out that it was a slow mirror that showed the scene as it was an hour before. Ghevont and Ferris pooled money to buy the mirror from the two fellows.

The next day, they paid their tax to re-enter Morgansfort.


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