Session Report #5 – Apes Attack!

Players: Tre, Henry, Jeff, Nick

The party hears a rumor about orc attacks to the North. Setting this aside, they head back down to the old fortress on the island. Only one boat remained, which made the party suspicious. When they got to the island, it was clear that orcs had used one boat and probably wrecked the others. The orcs demanded surrender from hiding. After Azrak did surrender, the party dispatched the orcs. Chubb was nearly killed, so the party brought him back to the fort for rest. Flynn scouted the island for more orcs and found none. They did their best to hide the two remaining boats.

After returning a week later, the party headed down into the ruined fort to explore the second level. After passing where the party fought the grey ooze two weeks before, they found a large dining room inhabited by three carnivorous apes. Azrak rushed to attack and dropped one ape quickly. Being fearsome monsters, probably beyond the capabilities of four new adventurers, the apes quickly dropped Azrak. Flynn rush to intervene, sacrificing himself to allow Tienarth to rescue Azrak.

The party dragged Azrak and fortunately were met with a yet-unmet elf. With this help of this new character, the apes were dispatched. The party headed back to the fort, yet again finding no treasure. However, they did spend gold to identify potions they’d held for several weeks.

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