Session Report #4 – Grey Ooze in the Ruins

Players: Tre, Henry, Gio, Enzo, Nate, Jared

This session include for new players, though only three characters. Nate and Jared shared one character, Jamarkus. Tienarth led the party back to the island to explore more of the dungeon. They returned to the prison area and used fire to clean up the yellow mold. This allowed them to gather the 100GP from the cell. They left the charred body of Uther the cleric. They also fought off a spitting cobra in the torture area. Chubb killed it in one shot of his bow.

Heading down a level, the party stumbled upon grey ooze. Not being knowledgeable about the powers of this horror, they found their weapons quickly disintegrated. Jamarkus destroyed his spear, and Bogo the Hobbit lost a dagger. The grey ooze latched onto Jamarkus’s leg and surely would have killed him if Chubb had not dealt a deathblow.


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