The most exciting battle.

Azrak III, Chubb, Flynn, and Tienarth hear from the bartender that orcs were trying to kidnap a fair maiden. They don’t really care so the group heads toward the dungeon. They find that only one boat is where there are normally more. They decide to cross and find themselves in an orc ambush. The orcs order them to drop their weapons and give them all their belongings. Azrak drops his axe, much to the dismay of Flynn. Chubb drops his short-sword after being demotivated by Azrak dropping his axe. The orcs come out of hiding, Flynn strikes one of the orcs. Azrak picks his axe up and Chubb fires his bow, as he hadn’t dropped it. Tienarth throws flaming oil at the orcs and Azrak charges the orcs. The orcs incapacitate Chubb, Tienarth runs over to stabilize him. The remaining orcs run away after their friends die, Azrak and Flynn give chase. ¬†After the chase Azrak and Flynn vanquish the last orcs the group goes back into the town to heal.

Once they heal, the group go back into the dungeon. They return to the second level and find two doors leading to a long room. When they go in three carnivorous apes come out of hiding, Azrak charges up and slices one in half. Flynn and Chubb fire their bows, doing little damage. The apes start attacking Azrak, prompting Flynn to run up and help Azrak. Tienarth throws his flaming oil, also doing little damage. The apes incapacitate Azrak, Flynn urges Chubb to help but he refuses. Chubb misses the shot from his bow, the apes tear apart Flynn. (Here’s the exciting part.) Tienarth, using an incredible amount of strength runs up and starts dragging Azrak back while Chubb provides covering fire. ¬†Tienarth continues to drag Azrak back and casts shield. Tienarth drags Azrak through the doorway and Chubb runs through and shuts the doors. Chubb sticks his short-sword through the latch of the doors, the apes throw their weight against the doors. The doors almost break but the sword holds, giving Tienarth enough time to drag Azrak around the corner of the corridor. The door breaks! Suddenly an elf runs around the corner, now with reinforcement the elf and Chubb go on the offensive. They push the apes back into the room and kill them while they retreat. They find out that the new elf’s name is Memnon and return to the town. Memnon takes the potion off of Flynn’s mangled corpse, which reminds everyone that Azrak also had a potion. They test their potions and find that they were potion of healing and potion of poison. Memnon trades his potion of healing for Azrak’s potion of poison.

Author: Tre

Plays Tienarth.

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