Session #115 – The Ghost of Olofaren, Elven Artist and Lover

After returning from Doukreg, the raiders spent an extended rest at the homestead near St. Orlan. Soon after returning, the Red Jacket Rangers swept into the province around St. Orlan, taking food and horses at will. No repayment could be expected for this, although notes were issued for items taken in some cases. A few belligerent victims met worse fates, and there were rumors of spies arrested. Meanwhile, an ranger approached Ferris about spying on Bremlai for the empire, an offer which the rogue refused.

Tienarth read from the diary of Alamend the Minstrel which conveyed details about “the savior” (the god of the giant statue) and his scimitar, which Urgesh now carried. The blade was called Vambier (+2/+3 vs genies). Aside from being deadly versus genies, it allowed the wielder to create water twice a day. Much larger than an ordinary scimitar, it functioned as a two-handed sword for a man-size warrior (but required 16 STR to use effectively).

An unusually wet and warm winter brought terrible floods to the Beleniasa River, and the bridge crossing it near the Dancing Frog was destroyed. Any needing to cross there were made to pay 10 gp to a ferry master. Few risked the alternative of crossing at St. Orlan to travel the swamp. Some who tried returned to report roving gnolls.

The most dramatic news that reached their ears was of a civil war that erupted in the empire, the effects of which now reached westward. Ships from both sides of the conflict were arriving to harvest resources, including slaves.

Spiritual Disturbance

Meanwhile, late in the second month, that one called Frog, a spirit woke two of the several hangers-on who slept in the sheep field at the homestead. An eerie glow floated over the field, soon forming into the shape of an elf. A human magic user named Chad and his dwarven companion, Florida, displayed a bit more courage than they actually had as they confronted the ghost.

The spirit explained he was once a great artist who presented a vase to an elf maiden whom he loved, only to find she was betrothed to another. Rashly, he sought to steal back the vase but was slain by a guard. His ashes were placed in the gift vase in a tomb 300 years before, and for 300 years he roamed the hills near St. Orlan looking for relief because some force prevented his rest. Many times he approached some folk for help who immediately fled in terror. He begged the pair for help.

Chad and Florida led the spirit to the homestead manor and banged loudly on the door, waking Ferris. The tale was recounted and a plan was formed. The spirit led Chad, Florida, Tienarth and the paladin Elgar to the old tomb. The spirit called himself Olofaren and he had one request: fetch his remains and smash the vase in which they lay. He described treasure within the tomb that the adventurers were free to take.

Exploring the Tomb

Olofaren lead them into the forest, about a mile from the homestead. They followed no trail and had to step through snagging brush. They arrived at a clearing at the foot of a hill where a 3 foot hole entered the soft earth. A stone marker partially blocked the hole and bore the elf’s name. He explained some force repelled his approaching further, though they could feel his remains somewhere in the tomb.

Presently, a sharp growl preceded the figure of a large predator cat leaping from a higher elevation. It was a saber-toothed tiger, apparently waiting for prey. Elgar and Florida stepped to engage it. Chad dashed into the hole for safety while Tienarth took a step back. The cat swiped and bit at Elgar, denting his helmet brutally. The young paladin collapsed in the frosted grass. Florida landed a blow despite the dire danger.

Tienarth brought forth a lightning bolt which singed the hair of the great cat then reflected backwards directly at the old elf, injuring him. The cat lashed out at Tienarth, doing further damage, but it could not stand up to a barrage of magic missiles. Waking from his stupor, Elgar hastily revived some of his vigor with holy magic, and the party made a retreat back to the homestead.


After two days of rest, the returned to the tomb during daylight hours. Down 20′ of tunnel, they found a circular chamber with a bronze statue on a dais. The statue portrayed an eleven warrior. Sealed jars were stacked beside the dais and stairs led down. Florida noticed a trap of some sort associated with the statue, which inspired much caution. Eventually, they made a plan to wrap a rope about the statue and pull on it from outside. This action triggered darts to strike about the chamber, harmlessly, since they all waited outside.

Olofaren, barely visible in the daylight, explained the repelling effect came from the statue as their removing it from the tomb now allowed his entry. They followed him down the stairs to find his vase and a hoard of treasure. Keeping their promise, they smashed the vase. Olofaren expressed gratitude and then disappeared into the ether.

End Notes

  • Treasure
    • Elven Warrior Statue
    • 3 Tapestries depicting a flood 200 gp each
    • 2 Brass lamps 50 gp each
    • Box of jade statues 750 gp
    • Ornate broadsword in box 500 gp
    • Large marble statue of a lion 100 gp
  • Combat 875 xp
    • Sabertooth Tiger 875 xp
  • Characters 219 xp each
    • Chad (human, avoid fight) 243 xp
    • Elgar (human, fight) 243 xp
    • Florida (courageous, underground, fight) 226 xp
    • Tienarth (collect magic) 221 xp

The bronze statue of an elven warrior was 2′ tall and weighed 100lbs. Through magical analysis, Tienarth discovered it radiated a permanent magical protection from spirits in a 30′ radius.

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