Session #77 – Amazing Acrobatics

Displaying amazing acrobatics during combat, Longstream and Ferris ultimately defeat a bone golem, though the halfling nearly paid the ultimate price.

Battered from battle, they retreated back to the first level, locking the door with the green card. They prepared for rest, eating another portion of dwindling rations. After some sleep and prayer, Ghevont offered more healing, especially for Aderian. Ferris and Aderian arm-wrestled over a last healing spell and Ferris won.

Despite the grim environment, Ferris found levity in convincing Aderian to quaff a potion. Tienarth pleaded with the thief not to trick the dim-witted pirate into drinking an unknown vial, possibly poison. Aderian accepted the challenge, drinking a foul liquid. Ferris chortled as they revealed the vial as containing bile collected for his alchemy research.

Ghoul Troop

Presently, they found themselves again at an door that yielded to the blue card. Aderian pushed it open to face a ghoul in plate armor holding a military pick. The unholy thing pointed and screached, “intruders!”. Zombies in chain mail shuffled forward. Ghevont produced his holy symbol which turned away a handful of zombies, but two more ghouls rushed up.

Ghevont put his symbol aside to strike at an approaching ghoul and a moment later attempted to resume his turning. His effort interrupted and foiled by aggression, all the zombies returned to the fight. Ghevont retreated to gripe at the elven warriors, urging them into battle despite there being no room in the front lines. Soon all zombies and ghouls fell quickly under the weapons of the brave crew.

Aderian snatched the fearsome weapon from the fallen ghoul leader. In the form of a snake forged in iron, two oversized fangs protruded from the open mouth. It was a stylized military pick, a small weapon, obviously magical. Aderian tossed his longsword to the halfling and took up this pick. As he swung it, jeweled eyes glowed green.

In an adjacent room, they found a staff of wood, carved as a stack of faces. Tienarth handled it and could feel its magic, but knew it was of the elf cult and unusable by his magical arts. He handed it to the elf cleric, Rellora.

Lasting Damage

Next, they came to an unlocked room. A clay golem stood in a circle of chalk, holding a coffer. Longstream wondered about what the coffer contained. Tienarth and Aderian argued against attack, owing to the powerful attacks from clay golems. Suddenly Ghevont announced he would not allow the golem to remain and rushed to attack. The others followed.

The golem swung heavy fists that landed on Ghevont with severe effect. The coffer was knocked free and opened as it tumbled to the floor. It was empty. Battle continued and eventually the golem fell into several inanimate blobs. Longstream examined the coffer’s intricate oak carving.

Following the battle, Ghevont prayed for healing and felt much less healing than expected. It was then that he recalled the curse of clay golems: healing comes only by magic and only in small amounts. Ghevont would be at a disadvantage for some time.

Fancy Moves

The next apartment they tried contained a bone golem standing guard. An amulet hung by a chain around its neck. Every few minutes, the amulet blasted a warning in elvish. “Warning! Do not enter!” Naturally, a plan was made immediately to attack the golem.

Ghevont applied a spell of striking to Aderian. The narrow hallway would allow but one warrior to face the golem. Aderian rushed in only to be slashed by the four arms of the golem. Longstream dove between the pirate’s legs, tumbled beneath the golem legs and sprung up directly behind it. Ferris sprinted and leaped at the wall, sticking on unseen footholds, his huge sword in one hand. The next moment, he too dropped behind the golem.

Aderian retreated for aid, for he feared for his life under the whirling knives wielded by the golem. It spun to face Longstream and Ferris, directing it’s blows on the smallest figure. The halfling took stabs from three directions and collapsed under the third, which crashed against his helmet.

As the half-sized warrior fell, the thief landed a heavy, two-handed strike which shattered the bone golem. Rellora dashed to the halfing, waving the newly-acquired staff. It revived him well.

Across the room lay a chest that Ferris examined carefully, finding a trap door configured to open with the chest. With that danger disarmed, he found the chest filled with silver and copper. A violet card rested on the top of the pile. Meanwhile, Longstream pressed clay from the other golem around the still-bleating amulet and wrapped it in the cloak taken from the closet earlier.


  • Treasure: Gold and Copper coins added to Ghevont’s bag
  • Kills – 3835 xp
    • 11 Zombies – 825 xp
    • 3 Ghouls – 300 xp
    • Clay Golem – 1765 xp
    • Bone Golem – 945 xp
  • Characters
    • Tienarth/Tre – patient, avoided combat – 782 xp
    • Aderian/Jason – lead, fought, in the front – 867 xp
    • Ferris/Henry – thief skills, surprise attack – 859 xp
    • Ghevont/Jeff – preached, smited undead, healed – 867 xp
    • Longstream/Bob – agility, lucky, fought – 790 xp
  • Virtues: none
  • Vices: impatience

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