Session #71 – Meandering Towards the Mine

This was an abbreviated session due to Jeff’s unexpected absence.

Immediately following the escape from the tomb, they wondered about Longstream’s increasing paleness. Suspecting disease, they returned to St. Orlan to consult an herbalist. She performed a procedure the induced him to vomit, only to conclude he was under a curse.

They wound their way through the odoriferous district to the Temple of St. Orlan where they were greeted by Anauk, priest of the Anointed One. He consulted a book and agreed that Longstream suffered from an elven curse. He offered to remove the curse in exchange for giving his soul over to the Anointed One.

Longstream refused. He was a halfling warrior who felt his destiny did not lie under the light of the human deity. In his dreams, some other power calls to him. And so, he chose to endure the curse for the timebeing.

Next, they went to visit with the dwarf Dacha once again. Again, he warned them not to enter his mine, that it was filled with demons. He also noted the fearsome white dragon over the pass to Tosasth and dismissed the theory that the dragon keeps the undead from escaping the valley. He claimed the dragon had no care for the undead and let them pass.

They could not decide: over the mountains or under the mountains.


  • Treasure: none
  • Characters present: Tienarth/Tre, Aderian/Jason, Ferris/Henry, Longstream/Bob.
  • Virtues: none
  • Vices: none

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