Malcolmsfort #17 – Battle for Untala

Following is another report from the trident-wielding warrior, Novak. Details, such as names or the distinction between elf and half-elf are largely lost on the barely-literate Novak. More learned comrades of his might relate a more coherent narrative. The following account was the best history preserves.

After a few days to rest, they used the map to head toward Untala. After some time, they came upon a farm where a man struggled to fix a wagon wheel. Novak offered his help but they were interrupted by an attack by hobgoblins.

As more of the evil humanoids crept out of the underbrush, the farmer and his family fled into their house. The ranger showed off with acrobatics, falling at one point. The two thieves climbed up on the roof of the farmhouse to shoot arrows.

Meanwhile, Novak and his man-at-arms Golmar rushed into combat. The elf had cast a sleep spell on the first wave of hobgoblins and Novak wanted to stab them before they woke. Having no care for the useless attacks coming from new arrivals, he methodically stabbed the sleeping foes one by one.

A leader showed up to bark orders and Novak immediately turned him and and slew him. This put fear into the remaining hobgoblins who broke and ran. They did manage to tackled one of them who was tied up and tortured for information.

All the usual nonsense came out about the hobgoblins being too powerful to be defeated, the same faulty attitude offered by the hobgoblins of the monastery. Novak thought he heard about a king hobgoblin named Grickle. (The elf might have noted it as Grixl).

They did put together that the hobgoblins planned an attack on the Untala, and they took this as an urgent call. So they dispatched the hobgoblin and rushed with the farmer’s family into the town. They hoped the sturdy walls would protect everyone from an attack from an army.

Unexpectedly, orcs attacked the town soon after. He held banners marked with axes. The orc leader made himself known. Novak challenged him to a one-on-one duel, but the orc could not be trusted.

The town gates were barred, but the orcs smashed at them with huge log. Each moment, the gate groaned under the attacks. Perhaps 50 orcs swarmed the town from all sides. The situation seemed dire.

Suddenly, Novak had had enough. He jumped from the wall, down in the orcs to charge the leader. Too many orcs blocked his way until arrows from beyond the walls help cut open a path. Again disregarding attacks from the side and rear, Novak charged. The orc leader seemed to welcome the attack. The elf let loose magic missiles at the orc leader. Bloodied by orc attacks, Novak clung to life and still made his way towards the leader.

The cleric also jumped from the walls as the gate gave way. He rushed to Novak and provide holy healing. Meanwhile, Golmar fought orcs and took blows that should have killed him. Instead, he was filled with rage and fought on.

Novak reached the leader and stabbed a deadly blow into his gut. Moments later, he held the orc’s head high at the end of his trident. “Here is your leader’s head!” he bellowed as orcs scattered.

To the east of town, orcs turned to face an approaching hobgoblin army. And to the west and south, more orcs were trying to bust down gates. Novak and the cleric made for the gates to show the orcs how the leader’s severed head. As news of his defeat spread, the orcs turned and ran. Even the hobgoblins fled due to the unexpected news.

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