Session #66 – Again Into Artalwel

Week after week passed at Lah’s Retreat as they rested and planned another visit to the Artalwel tomb. Meanwhile, Bottoms engaged in robust training. In conversation with Lah, Ghevont learned that the two missing rubies for his mirror were known to still be in Morgansfort. They also heard of war breaking out to the south. The dwarf king ruling the mountainous lands south of St. Orlan died. Knowing the weakness of the new king, gnolls to the east invaded. Armies remain in the south, though trouble with gnolls around Morgansfort was said to have diminished.


They rode back to the Artalwel tomb with a plan for destroying the two remaining spectres. Ghevont’s magical protection from evil provided an extra measure of protection, and another spell helped make damaging the spectres easier. A battle ensued directly. Aderian once again felt the icy touch of death. The others were spared and the spectres went down to weapon blows and magic missiles.

Exploring past the spectres, they reached a grave Ghevont left untouched. When they disturbed the grave, a spirit emerged that said “I am Golfingolf, champion of the duel and slain by a cursed knife.” Most of the party recoiled. Bottoms snatched the knife. Tienarth found the scroll to be one for protection from lycanthropes.

Deeper into the cave they went, eventually meeting four more spectres who greeting them with wagging fingers and grim scowls. Not looking for another battle of such magnitude, they retraced and came to the narrow crack past which stood an owlbear statue. Azrak and Aderian squeezed through the crack and triggered the owlbear becoming flesh. It was quickly put down.

Monsters Kill Each Other

Trying another area, they looked down a ramp of loose rock at three tiger statues they assumed were were-tigers. Down a nearby descent was a hydra statue. Ghevont offered the following plan: use a scroll of protection from lycanthropes, lure the were-tigers down to fight the hydra. This plan completed with no trouble. Unable to approach the team, the were-tigers destroyed the hydra quickly and then had to hang back, unable to breach the circle of protection.

Two more tombs revealed themselves. From these, they took more loot. Before leaving, Ghevont used a spell to speak with the dead body in the last grave. He asked three questions.

  1. Which was the best, most power family of the ancient elves? Dusty lips replied, “Artalwel!”
  2. Which god did the ancient elves worship? The answer was “many gods, our ancestors, demons and nature.”
  3. Did the ancient elves cause the undead in Tosasth? Yes.

Returning for Rest

Without a clear plan for removing the spectres or the roving were-tigers, they left the cave to visit St. Orlan. There they sold all the common loot. The platinum knife paid a hefty sum they party allowed Bottoms to keep to himself due to his taking the knife, whether it was rashness or bravery. The rest of the gold they split equally.

From there, they once again returned to Lah, and once again to remove the negative energy plaguing Aderian. Bottoms made plans for more tutorship.


  • Treasure:
    • Diamond necklace (6,100 gp)
    • Scroll of Protection from Lycanthropes
    • Platinum Knife (14,200 gp)
    • Scroll: Animate Dead, Charm Person, Haste, Polymorph Other
    • Scroll: Magic Jar
    • Scroll: Animate Dead, Lightning Bolt, Wall of Fire
    • Sack of Amethysts (5,159 gp)
    • Sace of Pearls (5,951 gp)
  • Characters present: Tienarth/Tre, Ghevont/Jeff, Aderian/Jason, Ferris/Henry, Azrak/Nick, Bottoms/Michael
  • Virtues: none
  • Vices: none

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