Malcolmsfort #14 – Cleaned Out

The ranger had a hunch that the corpses filled with rot grubs were worth looting, despite the danger. The skull elf rubbed his hands over treasure he imagined there. So, they returned to the room. This time, the magic elf cast a spell to make the worms fall asleep. Despite some fear, the ranger crept into the room and poked a worm with his sword, easily killing it. Sensing no danger, the party made haste with removing the various arms and armor on the rotting corpses.

They found a suit of plate armor, a shield, a long bow later noted as magic, a longsword, 12 arrows (2 magic), a shortsword and a two potions.

They moved onward, carefully stepping around the open tube and farther down the passage. While searching a dining room left in shambles, a tentacle worm arrived. It was mashed to pulp, though not before it mortally wounded one of the magic elf’s henchmen.

Next, they found a throne room. Curiously, wood was burned on the stone throne. Between two adjoining bedrooms and a hidden room, they found nothing of value save two fine tapestries which they left in place.

Going back down in the caves, they found a secret door with stirges behind. Four of them escape before the door was closed again. A short battle resulted in the death of three of the stirges, the fourth flying off. They soon caught up with it at a closed door and killed it too.

In another far-off corner of the caves, they came upon a giant lizard relaxing near a deep ravine. They retreated, though not with sufficient caution, for as they turned their backs, the lizard approached and swallowed the magic elf’s other henchman in one bite. The rest fled back into the caves, shutting a door behind them.

Presently, they came to a room with a pool guarded by an owlbear. Blows rained down the beast and it died quickly, though not before delivering a wicked wound to the ranger whose left arm hung limp. It was broken.

They retreated to rest in the crypt overnight and then returned to clear out the remaining stirges. A sleep spell put them down without battle. Inside the room they found three chests. The first held coins. The second held various valuables, such as silverware. The third held four potions, a ring and an exotic sickle-sword, all magical.

They gathered all the loot, including the two tapestries and journeyed back to Malcolmsfort. There they sold the ordinary loot and split the proceeds evenly. The shield was identified as a fine dwarven specimen. The ring, though glowing with magical energy, defied identification.

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