Malcolmsfort #3 – Bad Bees

Novak and his companions took the bound wildmen across the river where a crowd quickly gathered. Villagers gawked that the once-mythical men of the woods. Soon, guardsmen arrived and the wildmen were handed over.

A wizard of an eastern race approached and inquired about the jeweled blowgun Novak took from the chief. He offered to buy it. Although some part of him wanted to keep the strange weapon, Novak decided to sell it and threw in a handful of darts.

A day’s work well done, Novak retired to comfortable arrangements at the inn. He watched the ranger take the ferry back over the river to the shepherd’s inn. The next day, Novak and the rest of them gathered together on the wild side of the river to discuss next steps.

They agreed that treasures found on the mysterious hill seen in the distance meant more treasures might be found, and so, they headed west. Presently, they came to a clearing and spied giant bees. After some debate, they attempted to walk past the bees along a path that cut across the clearing. Unfortunately they bees took interest and began flying towards them.

Having anticipated a battle, Novak and the ranger let fly arrows, quickly dropping bees. Even as more bees flee out of a hive towards them, they were struck down without much chance to attack the party.

The threat eliminated, they searched the lair of the bees, a giant hollow log. Inside they found delightful honeycomb, the taste of which restored all vigor.

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