Session #48 – Stealing the Ship

Abor pulled a small pouch from one of the dead gogglers and handed it to Ghevont. Inside were marble-sized bits of flesh. Abor explained that googlers sacrifice lizardfolk and extract these parts which which produce an extraordinary intoxication. Declaring the practice abhorrent, Abor snatched the pouch and hurled it into the jungle.

The party settled to discuss a plan. They knew the village an hour farther down the road held about 50 lizardman slaves guarded by perhaps 20 gogglers. Abor described the layout of the village as being along the river in the shadow of rock protrusion with a gaping cave mouth.

An unfinished ship remained tied to a dock. More gogglers seemed to live on the ship itself, sometimes coming ashore to disappear into the cave. Regularly lizardmen were dragged into the cave followed by screams. The cave was an ancient holy site to Ghot. The gogglers emerged one day and immediately enslaved the village.

The ruined white road through the jungle cut through the village and continued south. Lizardfolk toiled in fields during the day and retired to leaf-covered huts at night. A few gogglers guarded the villagers during the day but the rest were typically active at night.

The party decided they needed more information and headed toward the village. As they approached the break in the jungle, Tienarth made Ferris invisible, and the thief crept around the outskirts of the village. He walked up a gangplank onto the ship which was missing sails. He guessed at there being 8 to 15 gogglers down in the hold quietly moving around. He also observed lumber stored in a large nearby warehouse.

Upon returning to the party, they debated plans, eventually deciding to draw a few gogglers down the road for an ambush. They circled around the village to hide beside the road to the south. Ferris and Abort returned to the edge of the village to observe. After some time, five gogglers disembarked. Abor revealed himself as Ferris remained invisible. The gogglers gave chase. Ferris stayed behind as did one of the gogglers who seemed to see Ferris. At that, Ferris bolted.

Partway down the road, Abor whirled and engaged the lead goggler. Azrak and the pirate Kuhvirhuk stepped up, too. Aderian hurled stones from afar. Ferris came up behind to surround four gogglers. Ghevont cast a hold spell on the gogglers who were unaffected. Tienarth fired several magic missiles.

Battle raged. Abor’s knife stuck to the shield of his opponent, but weilding a shield himself, he capture the goggler’s knife, too. They pulled at one another for a moment and then Abor leaned into bite the goggler savagely. Meanwhile, another goggler dealt Kuhvirhuk a crush blow that snapped his left arm. Tienarth attempted a sleep spell that produced no results.

As the party cut down the gogglers, the fifth one turned to flee. Tienarth attempted a web spell which the goggler slipped through with no trouble. Ferris sprinted up to the slow-walking goggler and cut him down.

The battle completed, they considered options. Their primary spells seems ineffective. Kuhvirhuk remained unconscious until Ghevont healed him. His arm was useless.

More debate produced many plans. Eventually, they planned to capture the ship. First, Abor ventured into the village to start a disturbance. While the guards were distracted, the rest of the party sprinted up the gangplank to engage the crew. They encountered fewer than expected, and the enemies were easily defeated. Abor rushed up to the ship as they cut it free from the dock. Four of them pulled hard on oars to head down the river.

Presently, they pulled beside the Crimson Disgrace. A search of the stolen ship produced nothing of values. Twenty hammocks hung below, but no treasure.


Characters in this session: Tienarth/Tre, Ferris/Henry, Ghevont/Jeff, Azrak/Nick, Aderian/Jason, Abor/NPC, Kuhvirhuk/Enrique

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