Session Report #13 – Nebula’s Heroic Leap

Players: Tre/Tienarth, Henry/Ferris, Nick/Azrak, Jeff/Ghevont, Oliver/Glubo, Audry/Nebula, Jared/Jed

Back at the fort, Cola departed to watch games of strength. Fresh off the boat were two new members. Glubo the fighting-man described himself as a fan of Tienarth’s Raiders. Jed the Cleric was sent by the local temple to assist the party in ridding the latest dungeon of undead.

When they arrived at the caves, they found the entrance stuffed with brush. Wary, they pulled the brush out of the hole and searched inside. Ferris went farther into the cave and found a four foot high blockade made of smashed furniture parts. On the other side, the necromancer appeared and called for his minions to attack. From the side passages, zombies released giant centipedes on the left and giant fire beetles on the right. The party was split for safety, so that Azrak fought the centipedes alone on one side. (Three times Azrak shrugged off the poisonous bites of the centipedes.) Glubo and Jed held off the beetles as Tienarth hurled flasks of oil.

Ferris, Nebula and Ghevont did their best against the necromancer. Ferris found it impossible to land an arrow on the wizard. Tienarth sent two volleys of magic missiles into the necromancer, though, who first tried a sleep spell that caugh Nebula but not Ferris. Then, he fired a dagger at Ferris and cut his arm.

The beetles did their best to bite at Jed and Glubo, eventually staggering them. Meanwhile, Ghevont threw himself over the barrier only to fail a save versus a hold person spell. The necromancer next held a knife to his throat and commanded the party to drop their weapons. Naturally, they refused.

When Ghevont seemed lost, Nebula threw herself over the barrier and tumbled into the necromancer who immediately got to his feet to try another sleep spell. This one failed, and Nebula retorted with a clean severing of the necromancer’s head. His zombie bride surged forward to claw at Nebula and Ghevont, who was suddenly freed from paralysis.

Tienarth searched the body of the dead wizard while the rest of the party mopped up the fire beetles. When the dust had settled, the party holed up in the room with the three secret doors, healed and rested.

The next day, they searched further into the complex. They discovered another pit trap before it could cause harm. They stumbled on some shriekers, and finally found a room inhabited by a powerful undead monster chained to a wall. They managed to fetch a chest away from the monster without needing to kill it. At that point, the adventure paused for the next session.

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