Session Report #12 – That Skeleton Bit My Nipple Off

Players: Tre/Tienarth, Henry/Ferris, Nick/Azrak, Jeff/Ghevont, Cola/Cola, Oliver/Pajo, Audrey/Nebula

Following the news from the town crier, Ferris was somewhat belligerent, as the case was somewhat skewed. Nevertheless, the party did recognize the need to return to the caves. They picked up a new female dwarf fighter and headed back to the lair.

Upon further investigation, a secret door was found in the cave that led to a more developed room with two doors decorated with bulls. These false doors opened a trapdoor into which Cola and and Azrak fell 30′. Ghevont patched them up. Puzzled by the dead end, Cola soon worked out that the torch sconces were a clue, and after fiddling with them, he found turning them opened secrets doors to the east and west.

Ferris and the rest of the party carefully crept down the hallway to the west. Just as they reached a dead end, a portcullis dropped, trapping all but Azrak who had stayed behind to be sure the secret door didn’t close. Pajo and Ghevont sprung to action, lifting the gate, but suddenly sleep gas poured from the walls. Half the party choked and then fell in a death-like sleep. With half the party unconscious, the rest did their best to drag the others out of the trap.

Presently, a necromancer arrived with four zombies who quickly fell upon the party. The evil wizard cast sleep on the party, sending most of them to sleep and causing the portcullis to crash closed again. Ghevont struggled to wake his comrades, pulling at Azrak’s feet through the bars to stir him. Azrak came to his senses with enough time to fend off zombies.

The necromancer then cast a web spell, which slowed the adventures but did not stop Azrak. He cut the necromancer deeply, but did not stop him. Eventually, the party wiped out the zombies, but the necromancer raced away.

They followed a trail of blood to an intersection. Tienarth noticed more drops of blood which he reasoned was where the necromancer paused. He also noticed a concealed button on the wall. Ferris put this together with what he saw as a floor trap. The party was saved from falling in yet another pit. They followed the blood trail into dark prison area.

In one of the cells, they found one of the maidens they’d come to rescue. She told them the evil wizard planned to wed the daughter of the merchant, and that was days before. Finding a secret door in the north wall, Azrak brashly opened it and found himself face to face with the necromancer and many zombies who rushed forward. The maiden screamed as she recognized her former companion, now clearly undead. A long battle ensued. Again, the necromancer cast sleep, but the party was ready to resuscitate their members.

Encouraged by Ghevont, Tienarth hurled flaming oil, which fell short at the feet of Azrak. Fortunately, each of the party members dodge the fire. Azrak stepped back momentarily. Now, the zombies continued to press, even into the fire where they were severely burned. Meanwhile, the necromancer cast a spell and vanished with his bride. A zombie got a lucky hit on Pajo, tearing a gash in his throat. He fell and breathed his last breath.

Ghevont turned the remaining four zombies and pushed them onwards down a corridor.  They soon came upon ten skeletons who streamed out of a side passage to attack. Again Ghevont turned all but two of them.

At this point, there as a debate about how to proceed. ¬†Ghevont convinced the party to rush the skeletons and knock them all down at once. It didn’t go as planned. The skeletons, now no longer swayed by the holy symbol, attacked with vengeance. Cola went down, knocked out cold. A skeleton lunged at Ferris, biting furiously at his chest. A huge chunk of flesh uncorked a torrent of blood. Fortunately, Nebula immediately applied a healing salve. The party soon destroyed the final skeletons and then wisely headed out of the dungeon.



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