Session Report #6 – The Call of the Ghoul

Players: Tre, Henry, Rick, Chloe, Jeff, Nick, Emilio, Nicola, Luciano

Gathered in the tavern, the party picked up a couple of former members and two newcomers.

  • Blazmo the human mage
  • Frederick the human cleric
  • Hootyhoo the human fighter
  • Loki the the thief

The bartender asked if they found the crypts in the fortress. He told them there’s supposed to be a barbarian king buried under the ruins. He also told them about a door in the torture room. They went back to the dungeon and do find the walled-off door. After clearing the bricks, they find stairs going down. Azrak the dwarf detected a nasty trap. They marked it with chalk and avoided it because they couldn’t be sure Chubb disarmed it.

In the next room, they find two kobolds, quickly dispatched. The room had a shaft up to the surface showing some light. Other parts of the crypt used some sort of glowing fungus for light. They found a shrine with a chandelier. Down a passage, they come to a stuck door. After a few tries to opening, Azrak managed to force the door open but also triggered a trap. A portcullis dropped, but he narrowly avoids being hit by stepping back.

On the other side of the bars, two skeletal warriors rushed forward. Azrak taunted the skeletons with shouts. While most of the party gathered around the the barred door, Memnon and Tienarth fled back to the Kobold room. Unfortunately, Azrak’s shouts attracted a ghoul. Memnon missed the ghoul. Tienarth injured it slightly. The ghoul responded by grabbing Tienarth’s arm and biting down hard. The bit crushed the bones in his forearm and he passed out. Memnon stuck the ghoul in the back and it died.

Azrak, as Memnon’s urging, used a potion of healing to revive Tienarth.

The party then explored further and found a secret door opening into a room with two zombies. The party made quick work of the zombies.

The party then argued about staying in the dungeon or returning.


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