Saints, Gods and Demons

Saints of the Church

St. Orlan

Saint Orlan is known for resisting many temptations in his journey west after he rose of the Eastern Ocean on the head of an octopus. (The month of Octopus is named after him.) Along his path, undead arose to tempt him with powers and treasure, all of which he refused. When he reached the shores of the western ocean, he battled the lich Putah and was burned to ash that scattered to the wind.

St. Jaludi

The bones of Saint Jaludi summon his spirit, and they are powerful against Undead.

St. Bredayn

St. Bredayn, who first discovered how at first light of day his prayers could be transferred into the pearls for later casting.  St. Bredayn discovered the Pearls of Mordune, God of the Sea and Storms, husband of Harael.  People would come to call the pearls after St. Bredayn.

St. Irevia

Saint Irevia is associated with candles that ward off undead.  She is an imperial version of Harael, Goddess of the Dawn.

St. Antolin

Staves of Healing bear the name of Saint Antolin.

Gods of Western Lands (Ultam Oceanum)


Goddess of the Dawn


God of the Sea and Storms


Name Honnin give to their Goddess of Death.  Actually a demon once worshipped by the elves named Aishapra.


God of the Honnin, associated with the North Star.


God of the Lizardmen.


Ancient Bat Goddess.  

Demons worshipped in the Ultam


Marilith demon worshipped by the elves long ago.  The Honnin call her Kali, the Goddess of Death.


Demon worshiped by the ancient elves.  Sometimes written Molock or Moloch. Still worshiped by humanoids in the Sumar who call him Pagnar Parkas. Sometimes writen Pagnyr Parkus.