Pearls of Saint Bredayn

Rumored to be retrieved from giant clams southern oceans, the pearls of St. Bredayn attune to mystic vibrations of the cosmos. In theory, their power ebbs and flows with the movement of planets. Jungle men claim they existed before the coming of the Anointed One. The faithful tell of the legend of St. Bredayn, who first discovered how at first light of day his prayers could be transferred into the pearls for later casting.

The pearls act as a container for divine energy. On any given day, an empty pearl may accept 1d4 spell levels. The exact quantity is not know before a transfer attempt is made. After waking from sleep at dawn a priest prepares his spells as usual and then attempt to transfer the energy into the pearl. The power of the spell is compared to the capacity of the pearl at that moment. A pearl at its zenith of capacity can take four first level spells, two second level spells or one fourth level spell. Attempting to place spell energy beyond capacity merely wastes the spell. The pearl remains in a state of holding a certain charge until all energy is drained.