The year is divided into twelve months, named after important entities of the world. Common folk refer to them as The Month of the Snake, and so forth. The patrons of the months are as follows.

  1. Judge
  2. Frog
  3. Clover
  4. Angel
  5. Bear – a month of carnivals that include dancing bears.
  6. Juniper – the month when the wicked vampire Zepes was slain by Saint Basarab.
  7. Fire
  8. Elephant – a time for remembrance when it is said the lumbering giant of history returns to remind of past glories and failures we’d rather forget.
  9. Snake – the month when the snake Kardeus crawled from a cave in Mount Frae, batting Saint Martyn for three days, eventually swallowing him whole and returning to the earth again. The holiday of this month honors detachment by burying a possession or tossing it down a well.
  10. Octopus – the month when Saint Orlan was lifted from the ocean waters on the head of a giant octopus to deliver his eight principles of divine virtue. People take pilgrimages during this month to deliver food and treasure to monasteries.
  11. Cricket – the month when the days are short, when the crickets sing loudest.
  12. Dawn – the month when the Anointed One appeared with the rising sun.

Notable Events

  • Bear 5541 – Tienarth’s Raiders formed in Morgansfort.
  • Fire 5544 – The portal in Tosasth to the the realm of Haderax sealed.