Session #147 – Fiasco Caused by Sewer Ghouls

It was the afternoon of 3/13. Ollie and Saul arrived at Imra’s house as the giant skeleton wandered off. Urgesh, likely remembering the many rats left at the river camp, slipped away.

The group decided to explore the sewers. They wondered if the vampire would be found down there, so they walked out into the street and spotted a large grate (Hex H6). Using his giant strength, Jerker grabbed the iron grate and hurled it down the street. It clanged against a building wall, out of view. Aderian peered down the drain hole, and without much hesitation, jumped down. Jerker quickly followed.

It was a short distance down to a chamber with water up to their ankles. An noxious stink met them, and Aderian began coughing. From out the shadows, many ghouls and ghasts emerged. The two fighters immediately turned around and climbed up the rungs set in the wall of the shaft. Back at street level, Hocuspo was levitating Tienarth upwards. The old elf turned to see a group of skeletons approaching.

Jerker stood at the drain hole. Ollie stood nearby and retched as the face of a ghast appeared. Tienarth fired his wand at the ghast, which fell back down the shaft. Another ghast appeared, and Jerker slashed it with his sword. Ollie backed off to light a flash of oil. Moments later, he held the flask aloft, ready to throw it down the shaft. Jerker would not stand aside, worried that ghouls and ghasts would stream out of the opening.

Ollie set the lit flask at Jerker’s feet, expecting him to kick it into the hole. Instead, a ghast snatched it and broke it on Jerker’s leg. Burning oil flared up Jerker’s body and splashed back on the ghast. Ollie dug in his backpack for a blanket, on which he poured his canteen.

Meanwhile, Aderian began darting down alleys, looking for something suitable to block the hole. Morana and Nate rushed to meet the skeletons. Tienarth produced the mirror image illusion. Morana’s commandment to the skeleton to turn away had no effect.

The oil continued to burn in the street around the hole. Ferris, who wore a ring of fire resistance, stepped up as Jerker stepped aside. Ollie wrapped Jerker in the wet blanket to put on the fire on him. Aderian returned with a door he’d pulled from its hinges and slammed it over the hole. Flames began licking at the old oaken door. After some time, the door burned up, and Aderian fetched another. He also found a heavy stone planter to place on top. The ghouls were trapped in the sewer.

Satisfied, they returned to the river camp and were not disturbed at night.

In the morning (3/14), they walked back to Tosasth and were met by seven ghouls in the street. One clawed Hocuspo mercilessly, and he was paralyzed. The same fate came for Saul, but Ollie shrugged off the paralyzation effect. Tienarth cast a haste spell and within seconds, the ghouls were dead. They carried the two incapacitated companions into Imra’s house and waited for the effect to subside. Then, they headed back into the sewer.

After removing the door and descending, they found the chamber empty of ghouls. Several tunnels lead in different directions. They moved in a northeast direction for some time and arrived in another chamber (Hex I5). The followed the same tunnel on to another chamber (Hex J4) and found the building above had collapsed down. A shiny battle axe rested against stairs going up.

Aderian grabbed the axe and bounded up the stairs. He opened the door there to face six zombies. They were easily cut down, and the exercise proved the axe to be magical. They ransacked the former shop to find a box with 900 cp.

Now their interest in exploring the sewers of Tosasth waned, and they agreed to return home. On the trip and during nights at the river camp and the ruined tower, they only faced combat once, as the skirted the swamp north of St. Orlan. Five giant bats swooped down upon them, swarming Hocuspo. Tienart cast sleep on the bats, and all of them immediately fell to the ground. Jerker wrapped up the sleeping bats in a net. Teinarth polymorphed into a dragon and carried everyone back to the homestead. (The path from the tower to St. Orlan was pacified to d12).

They were home again on 3/17.

End Notes

  • Treasure
    • Battle Axe +2
    • 900 cp
  • Combat 1620 xp
    • 8 Ghouls
    • 3 Ghasts
    • 5 Skeletons
  • Characters (10) 162 xp each
    • Aderian (lead, fight, strength) 183 xp
    • Ferris 178 xp
    • Hocuspo (avoid combat) 180 xp
    • Jerker (fight, strength, in front) 183 xp
    • Morana (smite undead) 164 xp
    • Nate (undead, fight) 181 xp
    • Ollie (stubborn, underground) 165 xp
    • Saul and his Lion 178 xp
    • Tienarth (avoid combat) 164 xp

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