Session #142 – The Hidden Dungeon Beneath the Ruined Tower

The second month of the year is called Frog, and on the 10th day, a Aderian, Ferris, Jerker, Ollie, Nate and Azrak set out for the ruined tower, once again in search of the rumored sandstone quarry. Tienarth remained with Hocuspo at the homestead. Their trip to the tower and the river camp the next day was uneventful. On the 12th, they walked past Tosasth and went north of the mesa where the wizard Merilla dwelled in her keep. A mile north of the mesa, they spied the cone of a volcano rising up. Smoke drifted from its peak. The discovery of the natural feature was bound to earn them some measure of fame if they could return the information back to civilization. (4,000 xp)

They spent the balance of the day circling the small volcano, though not climbing its slopes. They found little more of interest but chose to camp among the shelter of lava boulders, perhaps hoping some horror would crawl out of the dark and provide the thrill of battle. If so, that wish was granted. Near dawn, seven trolls came into view as Jerker tended the campfire. He kicked Ollie awake and soon the shouting got the rest of them to their feet.

There was a sense of rejoicing, not only of battle but of the prospect of killing trolls who were known to carry outsized treasure.

The trolls rushed forward in fever of ecstasy, perhaps excited by the prospect of rare human flesh straying so far afield. The battle was fierce, for trolls deliver thrice as many attacks as a man. Their bits are wicked. Ferris gulped down a potion of growth as the trolls surround them, choosing to fight one-one-one, with two of the trolls picking on Nate who seemed weakest. The trolls landed many blows, especially on Azrak and Nate. Midway through the melee, Nate retreated, while Jerker made easy work of the Trolls. Ferris attempted a novel attack by dousing himself in flaming oil and gripping a troll about the waste.

Though a few of the trolls sprang back to life before the others were defeated, before long they were all dead and quickly burned. Ollie and Jerker were curious about the regenerating abilities of the trolls. Ollie kept a severed toe from one troll. Jerker extracted a troll’s heart and stuffed it in a pouch.

Between the trolls were 2,500 sp and 2,400 gp, plus a fine golden necklace worth 500 gp. These went into Aderian’s magical bag.

When the sun rose over the eastern peaks, they walked back to the river camp where they stopped to rest another day. Nate’s healing powers began restoring vigor to the crew, though the danger of a strong foe remained possible. This danger was realized that night in the form of five wild boars. Before they could reach his sleeping companions, Jerker rushed forward to challenge the boars. Ollie rubbed the sleep from his eyes and then cheered on the young fighter who sliced up the pigs.

When two remain living, Jerker lifted a carcass over his head and hurled it another boar, killing it. The last one, I grappled and threw at a tree. The danger had passed and the night was about finished. The magically-strengthened warriors bound up the boars, intending a feast when they reached the tower. Ferris fill several vials with the blood for use in potions.

They arrived at the ruined towers on the 14th. They roasted a boar for dinner that night and slept well. Most dangers around the ruined tower were long ago chased away, and they decided to rest there for several days. Jerker and Aderian spent their time slicing boar meat into strips and cold smoking it into jerky in the smoking tent Ollie had previously constructed. Ollie returned to his fascination with the floor of the tower. He resumed his excavation.

On the 18th, Ollie found the stones of a floor two feet under loose earth and rubble. He pried up four large stones to reveal a staircase descending into darkness. He and Aderian crept down with ropes around their waists. 20′ below, they found a chamber 120′ x 70′. Before they could investigate much, they faced three skeletal foes. In place of hands, they each had whips and blades. They were the skeletal flayers they’d last met in Tosasth.

Aderian tossed the bone of St. Jaludi to destroy one flayer immediately. Blows from Morto-im-Morto busted up the other two. And now they could take in the chamber. 4′ pipes opened up on the north and west walls. An 8′ circular opening beckoned from the south wall. In the middle of the room, the floor had collapsed into a sinkhole. They climbed down to investigate but found only dirt and roots.

They returned to the surface to contemplate their next steps.

End Notes

  • Treasure
    • 2,500 sp
    • 2,400 gp
    • Necklace (500 gp)
  • Combat 4,721 xp
    • 7 Trolls 3,885 xp
    • 5 Boars 725 xp
    • 3 Skeletal Flayers 111 xp
  • Characters 787 xp each
    • Aderian (fight) 874 xp
    • Azrak (fight) 795 xp
    • Ferris 866 xp
    • Jerker (fight, protects) 881 xp
    • Nate (fight) 874 xp
    • Ollie (hearty meal, stonework, underground, fight) 818 xp

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