Session #134 – Fiery Battle with Dogboys in the Ruined Castle

On the 10th, Urgesh and Azrak headed back to the ruined tower. They gave little explanation. Meanwhile, Ollie arrived at the castle to help with further exploration. The rest of the group caught him up about what happened the day before. They debated long about how to handle the giant rat that asked to be let out of the latrine. In the end, they devised a plan that involved tying a rope around Aderian’s waiste. Ollie stood in the hallway. Jerker held the rope at the end of the hallways. Nat and Ferris stayed around the corner.

Aderian opened the door. The rat was relieved that they came back to let him out, and this time he made sure to dash through Aderian’s legs and into the hallway. There he met Ollie who was being careful not to look down the hallway in case he got a glimpse of the urns. Jerker was likewise averting his eyes.

Aderian began looking around the room. The first thing he did was to drop the urn with the glowing symbol down the privy. It clanged as it dropped down the shaft into darkness. He then grabbed a fine javelin leaning in a corner.

Outside, the rat stopped to greet Ollie. The dwarf began to question the rat. His name was Xozzolon. He had been trapped in the latrine for some time. He also mentioned a strange tingling sensation and asked Ollie if any clerics were about. A field of protection from evil radiated from Nate who was out of view. Ollie asked the rat if he’d join their group in adventuring, and the rat accepted.

However, Jerker caught on to the evil nature of the rat, and as he passed by, he raised his sword. The rat clicked his fingers, turning invisible, but the young fighter cut him in tow with his magic sword anyway. The rat fell to the floor in two pieces, slowly transformed into a small humanoid with a barbed tail, and then dissipated into smoke. Nate observed it was most likely an imp.

Aderian walked out of the latrine and plucked the holy symbol from the nail from which it hung. He guessed it would be useful in warding away other evil creatures they might meet since it apparently kept the imp in the room.

Dogboys Upstairs

Aderian commanded the crew to follow him upstairs. They moved down the wide hall and then into a side passage where they stopped at a door. Jerker bashed the door open and stepped inside. Aderian and Ollie followed. A grotesque human-dog hybrid stood on his hind legs before a heavy curtain. He wore a fancy cape and metal gauntlets.

The dogboy laughed at Aderian, claiming his ugliness nearly exceeded his stupidity. All raised this weapons do to battle and the dogboy breathed a column of fire onto the three fighters. Jerker took the flames with confident, believing he wore a ring that protected him from fire. Unfortunately, the fire burned him particularly badly, as if the damage done were enhanced. Fortunately, none of his gear was damaged in the blast of fire. He struck down the dogboy with a blow of his sword, but presently the curtain parted to reveal four other dogboys, ready to fight.

Another blast of fire hurt Ollie and Aderian. It also burned up Aderian’s dragon hide shield. He tossed it aside. And then three of them made to retreat. Nate and Ferris, who were waiting outside of the room, also bolted. As they hustled around corners and down stairs, Aderian brought up the rear, suffering a few bites from the dogboys who continued to heckle him.

Outside of the palace, the three fighters ran for the breach in the wall. Ferris and Nate ran towards the gate. The thief climbed up the 30′ wall and drew his bow. Nate and the dogs ran out the gate and hid behind the wall. The dogboys poured out of the palace and split up. Two pursued Aderian as he ran to the rubble piled up at the wall breach. Two rand towards Ferris who let loose arrows.

Jerker hurled a boulder that dropped one of the dogboys, then he and Aderian killed the other. Ferris hurt one of the two he faced, then watched them dash for the nearby tower. He then climbed down. Without the advantage of tight quarters, the short range fire breath was no match of the heroes, who made quick work of the demon dogs.

Now with the threat neutralized, they took stock of the items found. From the hallway, Ollie unwrapped the belt from around three coffers. Aderian popped the top off, found coins and dumped them in his magic back. Ollie noted the fine workmanship of the leather belt with iron studs and tried it on. Instantly, he felt his strength increase. He soon worked out that the belt offer the same measure of giant strength to that worn by Jerker.

From the room where they’d met the dogboys, Aderian grabbed 100 gp and examined the gauntlets worm by the first dogboy. Despite the size difference, he found them to accommodate his hands. He also found them to convey a great measure of strength, calling them gauntlets of ogre power.

Visit with Lah

With loot found, they agreed to return home. In particular, Jerker wished to rid himself of the cursed ring which he was unable to remove. They walked back to St. Orlan on the 11th and walked to Lah on the 12th. They made a generous donation to the church, and Lah removed the curse. The ring was crushed and destroyed.

Lah was happy to hear about the banishment of both an imp and five demonic dog creatures. He expressed his wish that they would return to Tosasth to drive out the remaining undead there.

The next day, they talked with Benebil about the failure to recognize the cursed ring. He explained that such was the nature of cursed items that they contained power illusionary magic, else how would they ever play their devilish tricks. He then examined the new items, confirming their natures.

End Notes

  • Treasure
    • Javelin +4
    • Girdle of Giant Strength
    • Gauntlets of Ogre Power
    • 100 gp left on a card table
    • 1,400 cp and 200 ep from coffers
  • Combat 1,150 xp
    • 5 Dogboys 1,025 xp
    • Imp 125 xp
  • Characters 192 xp
    • Aderian (fight, protect, lead, guard rear) 219 xp
    • Ferris 211 xp
    • Ferris’ Dogs
    • Jerker (fight, strength) 215 xp
    • Nate 211 xp
    • Ollie (fight) 192 xp

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