Session #131 – Giant Surprise

In the days following the capture of the goblins, Azrak and Urgesh remained in the cave, poking around to learn about the extent of the caverns. They were delighted to find a mushroom farm in the north end of the cave, and they remarked on how large the caves were compared to their initial estimation. Some discussion ensued about what to do with the goblins. Ultimately, Azrak prevailed with the plan to keep them as they are and perhaps send them out on raids to generate income.

On the 17th day of Snake, Jerker walked back to St. Orlan to check on the progress of his father’s work on the armor. He found this father as grumpy as ever and confrontational on the point of the time taken to set the fit. The armor was in fact ready after only two months of work. Jerker also paid a visit to his mother.

The most popular topic of discussion in town was a ceremony of sorts produced by Bremlai, sheriff and acting town governor, who presented two figures dressed in green gowns, faces hidden, a man and a woman. He explained these saviors had come to protect the town from the chaos of the civil war in the empire. He begged the citizens to pay the utmost respect to Rorgunth and Pamra. He describe an arrangement in vague terms where these powerful allies would provide protection for some unknown payment, which little day to day interference. Theories about the identities of the two figures spread wildly with nothing certain.

Ferris, who also returned to the homestead, met Zad and Nebula. When plans were made to return to the Tosasth wilderness for more exploration, Ferris asked the two dwarves to come along, as well as a human thief named Permiscuous. The entire party convened at Azrak’s goblin lair on the 18th.

A Misunderstanding Over Perfume

As they readied themselves, Urgesh was nowhere to be seen. When they finally found him, he was quickly stuffing something into his pocket, which aroused suspicion. He refused several demands to explain what he was hiding. Meanwhile, Permiscuous stepped behind him unseen, reached into his belt pouch and pulled out a small vial. Next, this newcomer held the vial up and asked what it was. Urgesh’s face filled with rage, a most dangerous state for all involved.

Jerker and Azrak began brawling with Urgesh who had lost control of his lust for battle. If not for a strong grapple by Jerker, Urgesh likely would have savagely attacked the young thief. Azrak began pummeling the half-orc in hopes of knocking him unconscious.

Permiscuous uncorked the vial and tasted the liquid inside. A flowery scent escaped but the taste was bitter. Soon, they realized it was perfume. The vial was passed to Azrak and then to Nebula. Aderian stepped up with a bottle of wine and poured it into Urgesh’s mouth. He gurgled under the deluge of spirits.

While Urgesh was still held, Nebula asked him what he’d give in exchange of the vial. Then she took pity on him and offered it. The combination of kindness and being force fed wine helped Urgesh to regain his senses. He gave up his rage, grabbed the vial and ran out of the cave murmuring something about his mother.

Hill Giant Camp

Jerker recalled Urgesh and the party marched up to the ruined tower, and from there, they followed the direction on the map to find the treasure it described. Urgesh scouted out a hundred yards or more ahead of the party as they left the road to hike up into steep mountain slopes. Presently, he spotted a hill giant across a field. Owing to his barbarian senses, the half-orc surprised the giant, rushing up to make battle with his dog by his side.

As he came up on the giant, he noticed four other giants sitting in a camp. With a howl, Urgesh engaged in melee despite the odds. The nearest giant spun around and landed a staggering blow with his fist.

The rest of the party ran forward at the sound of the alarm. Jerker closed half the distance, gaining a view of the giant and hurled a boulder at him. It struck the giant with a mightly blow which fueled his rage and hatred at the attackers. The other giants stepped up to fight.

Urgesh landed a blow, and his dog latched onto the ankle of the nearest giant. A few times, the dog was dislodged by swift kicks only to reattach a moment later. Before long, giants were trading blows with the fighters at dispersed positions.

Urgesh eventually killed one giant but not before it stomped his dog to death. Jerker, Aderian and Azrak also killed one giant apiece. Aderian had gulped down a potion of giant strength handed to him by Ferris. During the battle, the least experienced of the party kept back and chanted songs of encouragement.

Two of the giants were knocked out rather than killed, after which they were tied up. When they woke, one of the giant spit in Jerker’s face in defiance. The giants expected no mercy and felt no need to cooperate. The party wanted to know about the location of the treasure on the map. Eventually, the giants agreed to lead them to the tree described on the map in exchange for their freedom. They were made to dig at the tree where a chest was found to contain 1,200 cp, 3,000 gp, a Scroll of Protection from Elementals and another map to treasure buried in hex 0607.

Still sore over the death of his dog, Urgesh took revenge on on giant by poking his eye. Both giants were badly injured, and this violence killed him. The other tried to flee but Urgesh killed him from behind with a well-placed arrow.

Returning to the giant camp, they found sacks containing 4,800 sp and 5,900 gp.

They returned to the ruined tower as the sun set. Jerker divided the coins between all parties, each getting 1,271 gp, 685 sp and 171 cp. The next day (9/19), they returned to the homestead in St. Orlan.

End Notes

  • Treasure
    • 1,200 cp
    • 4,800 sp
    • 8,900 gp taken from the hill giants
    • Scroll of Protection from Elementals
    • Map to treasure near hex 0607
  • Combat 438 xp / each
    • 5 Hill Giants 875 xp
  • Characters
    • Aderian (fight) 486 xp
    • Azrak (stubborn, fight) 447 xp
    • Ferris 482 xp
    • Jerker (fight, lead, stands in front) 495 xp
    • Jerker’s Dogs
    • Nate (fight) 486 xp
    • Nebula (greedy, fight) 447 xp
    • Permiscuous (thief skill) 486 xp
    • Urgesh (aggressive, action over words, wilderness, fights, rages) 460 xp
    • Urgesh’s Dog (deceased)
    • Zad 438 xp

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