Session #126 – Boar or Boulder?

On the morning of the third day of Fire (7/3), the party walked down the road to where it passed by bubbling mud pots at the foot of a smoldering volcano (Hex 0707). They climbed up the steep slopes to find fireweed still in bloom. They gathered several bags and returned to the tower before dark.

Jerker took the first night watch. A few hours after sunset, he spotted lights coming down the road. He called out at the approaching figures and did not receive a satisfying answer. Presently, he hurled a boulder at the speaker who immediate dropped. The lights went out as the figure scattered. Jerker rushed up to find the body of what he considered a highwayman. The body bore no recognizable sigil. The question of what to do with the body came up. Rather than bury it, they encouraged Saul’s boar to eat it.

No other disturbances happened and they woke the next morning with the intent of exploring the area around the tower. In the middle of the day, they came upon a grove of oaks with one significantly larger oak towering over the rest. As they approached, the tree warned them to keep away. They guessed it was a Treant. Not wanting to hassle what could be a strong foe, they left the Treant to his trees.

On the 5th, they explored near the lake (hex 0809) and came upon a pride of eight lions. Saul sent his wolf and boar towards the lions who were rushing in for a kill. The eight lions pounced on the animals, hurting the boar and devouring the wolf. Tenren let fly an arrow while Ferris quaffed a potion of growth. Jerker hurled a boulder at one of the lions.

Next, Saul cast an spell of entanglement on the lions. All were caught up, along with the boar, in the roots that emerged from the bank of the lake. The lions fruitlessly struggled at the roots rather than trying to escape from area. Jerker spied a nearby boulder and threw it at another lion. Meanwhile, the boar pulled itself free of the roots and bolted for Saul.

Jerker spent several moments scanning the terrain for another rock to throw with no luck. His gaze turned to the boar, which he lifted over this head and hurled at a lion. The boar exploded into a spray of gore that killed the lion. Ollie produced a flask of oil which he lit and tossed. It landed short, flaring up between the party and the lions, still struggling to bite at the tangling roots.

Jerker began throwing spikes he pulled from his backpack. Saul began chanting a spell of enchantment on one of the lions, and the rest of them finally began to slowly move out of the area of tangling roots. They split into two sides as Jerker and his dog rushed to engage them. Ferris and his dogs met the lions escaping from the other side.

The thief’s armored dogs bit savagely at a lion and held on. Moments later, the lion expires. Meanwhile, the giant Ferris struck down another lion. Still in the middle of the entanglement was the enchanted lion. On the other side of the patch, Jerk slashed at a lion. It turned and grasped Jerker’s dog around its middle, killing it instantly.

Eventually, the remaining lions were struck down, except for the one being enchanted by Saul. He stood in the sun for nearly an hour and finally, the spell worked. Saul had traded a wolf and boar for one, large lion friend. Ferris collected a bottle of stomach acid from one of the lions for later achemical use.

The sun stood high overhead as they pondered their next move.

End Notes

  • Treasure: none
  • Combat: 3,025
    • Highwayman: 145
    • 8 Lions: 2,880
  • Characters: 378
    • Ferris: 416 xp
    • Jerker (fight, strength, lead): 427 xp
    • Nate: 416 xp
    • Nate’s two dogs
    • Ollie: 378 xp
    • Saul (wilderness): 420 xp
    • Tenren: 416 xp

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