Session #109 – Recruiting New Troops and Scooping Some Loot

On the 16th day of the month of Angels, the party rode to Slateholm in search of retainers. They visited several taverns to spread the word and settled at the Dancing Toad to receive applicants. Longstream handed over a dried up cake he’d carried around for most of a year, one he’d been given at the birthday party of Jolar. The innkeeper seemed puzzled and quickly changed the subject to ale.


Several would-be adventurers turned up. Few of them were deemed worthy of evaluation. Most of those who did seem stout enough to join eventually rejected offers of employment. At the end of the day, Aderian hired one retainer, a warrior named Jonas. He agreed to join in exchange for 10% of Aderian’s treasure share.

They all hoped to find a cleric and agreed to ask Lah for assistance. As they headed back down the road on the 23rd, they heard news about the recent death of Baron Halden Morgan at Morgansfort. No one was quite sure about the consequences of that tragic event, not even Lah. He was also doubtful about offering a cleric that might join the party. The first two he suggested had recently come from Slateholm where they’d already negotiated with Aderian. Fortunately, the found a suitable retainer in Brother Bedanas. He joined for a 15% share of loot.

After a week with Lah, they rode back to Slateholm to visit with Benabil whose stock consisted mostly of potions. Aderian purchased a dozen magical arrows (+3). “They were taken from the chambers of Bhhazuhuu the Mad,” explained Benabil.

A Monument to Rellora

The next day was the first of the month of Bear, and it was the day set for the revealing of the statue of Rellora commissioned by Ghevont. A light fabric hung over the life-sized statue. The artist pulled it aside to a mixed reaction from the small crowd.

A lout was heard wondering, “what is this? A statue of an elf?” “Ah, some crackpot paid for it!” replied his companion. A pudgy commoner shifted his eyes around and warned them in a low voice, “Thems was Tienarth’s Raiders what paid fer it. Best to watch yer tongue, says eye.” He nodded his head in the direction of the Ghevont as he was accepting congratulations from his former comrades.

Aderian, Longstream and rest bid Ghevont farewell and wished him a safe journey east, back to the heart of the empire. He left them with a final nod of his freshly-shaven head and walked towards the end of the wharf as they entered the Dancing Toad for a raucous celebration. Aderian poured gold out for the refreshment of all, and in the morning though his head hurt, he found none of his belongings missing.


They made for Tosasth the next day. The party consisted of Aderian and his two retainers, Bedanas and Jonas, plus Ferris, Tienarth, Longstream and Riffle, brother of the recently deceased Raffi. On the 4th, they met a group of orcs at the ruined tower. A stern warning from Riffle induced them to flee. The group was not disturbed that night nor all through the day down the river camp. On the 6th, they woke to find the sky over Tosasth mostly clear, a welcome change to perpetual overcast to which they’d become accustomed.

Their plan was to march through the streets of Tosasth to investigate the remaining houses described in the funerary books. These were known to be sealed up and void of undead. They also were known to hold valuable treasure. They went first to the Ilariel Estate, where dead oaks bent to form an arch into a courtyard. As they approached, skeletons from two sides surged forward. All of them ran for the door where Ferris bent down to pick the lock. The fighters held off the undead while the rest scrambled inside. They bolted the door.

Inside they found a mural in tones of blue depicting a knight fighting a great spider. The treasure within was 1,500cp, 2,500sp, 3,500gp, 700pp, and gems worth 5000gp. Aderian’s bag, the thing that was once an elven wizard, greedily took in all the coins and gems. After a couple of hours, they climbed out a window in the back of the estate and moved on towards the Ithrel house.

Walking along the street, they surprised four wraiths which Tienarth encircled in fire. Three were incinerated at once. The fourth flew directly up and away. Presently, they arrive at the whithered ivy barely clinging to brick walls as described in the book titled The Ithrel Collection. A thorough search turned up 1,800sp, 1,300ep, and gems worth 5,000gp. A fine suite of elven chain mail +1 stood on display near a table on which a map was spread out. A potion labeled “For Finding of Treasure” sat on the table as well.

On their way to the next destination, they confronted a group of skeletons, gellybones and flayers, most of whom Tienarth webbed up. They also meth with a group of ghouls running towards them from one direction and wraiths from another. They dashed into an building where they faced a solitary ghoul. The door was shut and Tienarth produced a long wall of fire that destroyed the ghouls outside. The wraiths fled. Inside, the fighters descended on the ghoul, which grabbed ahold of Longstream and bit down hard into his tender flesh. Instantly, he stiffened. Satisfied with finding a meal, the ghoul made to drag Longstream out a window, but fell to the blows of the others.

Finally, they made their way through the streets to the Ebril Estate. Faded red paint flaked off over smooth stone. Inside, they found an elaborate fireplace with three statues of faeries on the hearth. Taking these down, they opened the hidden compartment described in the book. They recovered 2,800 sp, 2,700 gp, and gems worth 7,000gp. As before, Irenduel the Bag swallowed up the loot.

After more searching, they found a shrine not unlike that seen in the manor of Imra Herel, the black knight with whom they’d collaborated. This shrine hosted no wraiths and appeared to be deactivated. Aderian smashed it to bits out of precaution. With daylight fading and feeling somewhat safe, they huddled in an inner chamber to rest for the night.

End Notes

  • Treasure
    • 700 pp
    • 6,200 gp
    • 7,100 sp
    • 1,300 ep
    • 1,500 cp
    • Gems worth 17,000 gp
    • Chain Mail +1 (carried by Jonas)
    • A map to a location in Tosasth
    • Potion of Treasure Finding
  • Kills – 4,238 xp / 706 xp per share
    • 4 wraiths – 1,280 xp
    • 7 skeletons – 175 xp
    • 9 gellybones – 675 xp
    • 9 skeletal flayers – 333 xp
    • 9 ghouls – 900
    • 7 ghasts – 875
  • Characters
    • Aderian (fight, lead) – 791
    • Bedanas – 353
    • Jonas – 353
    • Ferris (dex skills) – 784
    • Tienarth (patient, avoid combat) – 720
    • Longstream (fight) – 713
    • Riffle (fight) – 713

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