Malcolmsfort #19 – Big Fort

Following is another report from the trident-wielding warrior, Novak. Details, such as names or the distinction between elf and half-elf are largely lost on the barely-literate Novak. More learned comrades of his might relate a more coherent narrative. The following account was the best history preserves.

The big tree called himself Ironroot, and under his shade they avoided the heat of direct sun. The pixies of unusual size told Novak about where hobgoblins turned a ruined castle into a makeshift fort. They soon headed west into the woods together.

As they approached the location of the castle, a group of men emerged from the woods. Among them were Novak’s four comrades in the militia. With them were several bowmen lead by the half-elf, Shandor. His reappearance was surprising but well-taken.

Presently, they spotted two hobgoblins guarding an entrance through crumbling castle walls. Central to the compound rose a tower. The halfling Cora scouted and returned with information about several breaches in the wall. Windows into the tower loomed some distance above the ground. Slowly, a plan formed in Novak’s mind.

Novak, the cleric and the other men at arms made ready at the edge of the forest. The half-elf and his bowmen gathered in another spot. Meanwhile, the elf mage and the halfling crept around the walls intending to climb up through windows to surprise whoever dwelt within. The pixies floated along beside them, invisible.

After waiting several minutes, Novak lead a charge. Bowmen let loose and killed the two guards. The crowd rushed through the opening and eventually engaged in hand to hand battle. Meanwhile, the halfling and the elf killed a hobgoblin leader in the tower and then made to converge with the other force.

In the course of battle, much blood spilled, most of it hobgoblin. Sadly, two of Novak’s companions, Sawyer and August, fell under hobgoblin steel. So did some of the half-elf’s bowmen. Golmar, for his part was gravely injured, but survived. In the end, they counted 50 dead hobgoblins plus a shaman that led them.

Tents held more injured hobgoblins. Little was gained from questioning them except a grim curse from one: Nightfang will get vengeance. These harmless horrors were dispatched by hanging and left as a warning. The honorable men who fell were buried and treated to holy rites.

Among the effects of the hobgoblins were the following.

  • 991 cp
  • 490 sp
  • 449 gp
  • 4 gems valued at 500 gp, 500gp, 50gp, and 25gp
  • Gold Armband worth 1,100 gp
  • Gold Ring w/Emerald worth 7000 gp

Golmar calculated shares of 1,937 gp for primary party constituents.

They also recovered a pewter ring the cleric deemed magical.

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