Malcolmsfort #5 – Ants, Ghouls and Goblins

“First watch,” announced Novak as he squatted next to the campfire. The others bedded down for the night in the meadow near the road, but before they closed their eyes, giant ants emerged from trees, attracted by the smell of honey. One ant grabbed the cleric’s backpack. Another snatched a bag from the elf. A third headed into Novak’s tent. The half-elf and the mage fled.

Novak attempted to defend himself from the marauding ants. The one in his tent turned momentarily from stealing the sack of honeycomb and tear a chunk of flesh from his right side. Blood burst from the wound, splattering the inside of the tent. Novak collapsed, barely breathing. He was minutes from death. The cleric watched an ant make off with his entire backpack as he rushed to Novak’s side. A dose of healing salve stopped the bleeding.

The adventurers survived. The ants disappeared into the night with all but the half-elf’s honey.

Some hour later, ghouls attacked the part. Wicked bites laid a deep paralysis on the half-elf ranger. Yet in the end, the ghouls were slain.

Near daw, a pack of goblins, one riding a wolf, approached. An attempt at parley was rebuffed and the goblins attacked. Novak, weak as he was, stood up to the goblins. And even they were defeated in the end.

After a night of little rest, the party retraced their steps to visit the log where the bees left the healing honey. One final portion remained which Novak gobbled greedily.

Eventually they returned to Malcolmsfort where Novak paid for the repair of his damaged armor.

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