Session Report #21 – Sleep, Snakes, Sleep

Players: Tre/Tienarth, Henry/Ferris, Nick/Azrak, Jeff/Ghevont, Oliver/Globo, Audrey/Nebula

The party returned to the dungeon without incident, this time entering via the giant ant lair. They stumbled on green slime in two adjacent rooms. In the second room, the slime fell over Globo’s head.  A quick attack with a torch destroyed the slime and didn’t hurt Globo too bad.

They found a ladder under a flagstone that went very deep. They used rope as a backup safety device. Having gone down 100′ with no sign of the ladder ending, they decide to let it be.

Next, they found a room that teleported them away. Much debate was had while only one of the party was away. Eventually, they all took the step to go into the room. Together again, they were locked in a cell behind a rusty gate. Ghevont easily bent the bars.

Wandering a bit, they found some snakes which Tienarth put to sleep quickly. They identified yellow mold on a door and burned it up. As the door collapsed, out flew giant flies who were easily dispatched. Then, they threw burning oil into the fly lair because it was filled with disgusting carrion. While smoke poured out of that room, giant lizards appeared in the hallway. Tienarth cast a magical web that the lizards broke free of, but were spooked. Two fled while the other two were cut down.

At this point, the session was over and time was frozen until next session.

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