Session Report #18 – A Shrew Broke My Arm

Players: Tre/Tienarth, Henry/Ferris, Nick/Azrak, Jeff/Ghevont, Oliver/Glubo

Heading back to the dungeon, the party camped at the trailhead and walked down the trail in the morning. At the collapsed opening, they spotted a goblin. Ferris chased him down and slew him. The only thing of note was a bag of goblin weed which Globo scooped up. Sadly the goblin’s little clay pipe was broken.

The party set about breaking apart the talking stone face. The racket attracted giant shrews who raced around the corner. Ferris was looking through the open door and couldn’t close it fast enough. A shrew leaped at him and bit hard on his arm, crushing the bone. He fainted. Next, the shrew turned to Globo and bit him. As quickly as they came, the shrews were dispatched. Behind the stone face was only a few coins.

Ferris was revived, but his arm was broken. Perhaps two months of recuperation will be necessary.

The party stumbled on cobras and stirges. They found a secret room with a lever that they pulled, but only wondered at what it did. They found the shrew lair, killed the last one and found a bag of gems in the nest.

Having found sufficient loot, the party headed back to town, but spotted bugbears on the road. They ran back to the dungeon and camped in the room that formerly had a stone face. The next morning, they spotted the bugbears headed into the dungeon. They planned an ambush, but the bugbears either smelled or spotted the dwarf.

The bugbears made a plan of their own and tried a rush toward Azrak. Tienarth cast sleep and all but three fell. Those remaining fought well and reinforcements arrived. When it was over, they were no match for the party. On the bodies, the found some gems and a nice iron pipe and some bugbear smoking weed.

At this point, the party was able to get back to Morgansfort. They paid the tax and entered the fort for some rest and training. Ferris and Globo both went up a level by spending some of their loot.

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