Session Report #15 – Jolar the Questionable Innkeeper

Players: Tre/Tienarth, Henry/Ferris, Oliver/Glubo, Audry/Nebula

No one knows where Azrak and Ghevont went, but they guessed that they went off to cure Ghevont’s negative level. So, Tienarth takes the other three people with him to Slateholm via boat owned by Captain Asiu (AZ-ee-oo). They leave in the morning and arrive in the evening. From the wharf, they see a boy lighting lamps on the street. Just a few blocks from the wharf, they find the Dancing Toad, operated by Jolar. He’s a portly man with curly black hair.

Outside the inn, they see priests of an unknown sect in yellow robes battling priests of the anointed one, dressed in red. Soon, the town’s guard arrives to arrest the priests in yellow.

After a night’s rest, Jolar suggests the party find Benabil’s Oddities. The hobbit merchant there recognized the staff the party took from Zelinth. A year before, Benabil offered to buy Zelinth’s staff when he shopped in his storefront. Benabil tells the party that the staff was made by Siahac, a infamous necromancer who supposedly built the Altar of Darkness. Siahac was last known to take refuge in huge pyramid west of the town of Dragon Pit. Few people have been to Siahac’s pyramid. It’s said that giants roam the upper levels of the pyramid and throw boulders down on visitors.

Dragon Pit is a town that makes an industry of finding dragon scales in a huge pit of black goo that was formed when an ancient black dragon was struck down mid-flight. A crater formed when it crashed into the earth. The body of the dragon liquified, but the scales remained. Citizens of the down dive into the goo to fetch them for export. Dragon Pit is west of Fort Vix and Gatefort.

Earning 16,500 gp from the sale of the staff, the party left the coins in Benabil’s vault and at his suggestion, visited the Adventurer’s Guild. On their way, they were nearly overrun by a mad bull pursued by town guards. Greeted by the warrior Ethema, they all signed their names in a large tome, pledging their loyalty to the guild. For the next week, each party member trained with guild members, spending more than half of their funds from the staff.

The night before heading back to Morgansfort, sailors fresh from the wharf bought the party a round of drinks. Ferris noticed one of them pouring something in his mug. The sailors took offense at being accused of poisoning and left.

After another day’s travel, the party returned to Morgansfort and paid off their debt. For another week, Tienarth and Ferris relaxed while Nebula and Globo tried to find ordinary work with no luck. Restless, the party convinced Tienarth to go south into the forest where they promptly stumbled on a party of Gnolls. Fortunately, Tienarth’s sleep spell took more than half of the Gnolls out of the battle. They pocketed 105 gp and went back to the fort. Nebula spent most of her money on a pony.

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