Short Sword +1 / +3 vs Undead

INT: 10∘WIS: 10∘CHA: 10∘Semi-empathic

Crafted by ancient barbarians, Morto Im Morto exists to destroy undead. Hundreds of years ago, this sword was crafted alongside IGNUS MALTUUM, a flaming long sword, for a barbarian king who would wield one in each hand. It was the first age when the undead walked the earth. After the great war of the dead who walk, men thought the undead conquered. And so, Morto Im Morto was buried with her royal owner. Only recently was it rediscovered.

When held, the blade glows softly, lighting up a 10′ radius of blue light. When undead are near, the sword buzzes slightly. And by experience, its wielders know it can bestow a good feeling of contentment when the blade strikes down an undead creature.

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