Session Report #11 – The Girl Not Saved

Players: Tre/Tienarth, Henry/Ferris, Nick/Azrak, Jeff/Ghevont, Cola/Loki, Oliver/Pajo

After camping overnight, the party decided to head into the fort and hand over the Sword of Virtue. The general was pleased. This was the sword owned by his grandfather of many generations back. He instantly read the name of the sword and made it flame up.

The general waived entry tax and also declared a day of celebration. The sages have warned of a coming orc army attacking which the sword may help repel. All citizens of the fort were given free ale.

After some celebration, Steron and Gladnir were passed out, but the rest of the party plus the returning Loki and their new friend Pajo, were interrupted by a bedraggled merchant. He was attacked by orcs on the road to the north and his daughter was taken. The party agreed to rescue the girl, though not before asking what the mission paid. 800 gp was offered, and they set off.

They found the wrecked caravan in the road and an obvious trail into the forest. And hour after leaving the fort, they came to a cave entrance. The two thieves crept up to the cave. Ferris was silent. Loki was not. Loki looked around the corner and out came six orcs. He turned to run, but was struck in the back and died. Ferris backstabbed one orc, but then fled himself.

Meanwhile, the party was 50 yards away. The two groups smashed into each other and did battle. Not a single blow was landed by an orc as the party cut them down. After slaying them, they rushed up to Loki’s body and out came an orc and an Ogre, who promptly mashed Ghevont into unconsciousness.

The rest of the party swarmed the ogre, and when the damage piled up, he tried to flee but was struck down by Azrak. The orc fled into the forest.

Inside the cave, Azrak found a bound and gagged fighter who he freed. It was Cola the fighter. The rest of the party came into the cave and found a smelly bedroom of the ogre. Azrak pounced on the treasure. Meanwhile, Ghevont explored a side passage and found female orcs. They told him they’d given up the girl to a wizard. After further questioning, they resorted to violence. Unfortunately, they were no match for the party and all died. Subsequently, Ghevont slaughtered the unarmed orc females, some with child. “Leave one for me to kill!” yelled Azrak who then accepted the Anointed One as the one true god. All orcs ought to be destroy, concluded Ghevont.

The party decided they were hurt and there was no sign of the girl, so they returned to the fort.


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