Potion Quaffing Contest

The Potion Master arrives at festivals with a waggon brimming with failed and unknown potions to conduct potion-quaffing contests. He encourages the crowd to bid on how many potions they can drink without becoming ill. Contestants promise to pay 2d6 x 10gp for each potion they attempt to drink. Minimum bid is 3 potions. A limited number of potions are available per contest.

When bidding ceases, the highest bidder begins by selecting a potion to drink. If the number of potions quaffed equals or exceeds the character’s CON, save vs poison or vomit violently and pass out. Otherwise, the character keeps drinking. If the number of bid potions are consumed without barfing, the mixture of potions produces a side effect described below. The next-highest bidder may attempt to drink if enough potions remain.

  • Gaining or losing a point of any stat permanently. CON, STR and CHA are more likely to be affected.
  • See a prophetic vision
  • Become insubstantial for a few hours
  • Gain local reputation amongst tavern patrons who will provide free drinks in any bar for next few months
  • Gain the ability to see invisible for a few days

Potions Available Today

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Based on Abominable Fancy’s Potion Quaffing Content mini-game.