Tienarth’s Raiders General Combat Strategies

After recent increase in recklessness, Tienarth has taken it upon himself to lay out some general guidelines for battle. These aren’t purely strict rules; of course exceptions will be made.

Marching Order

When mobile, we ought to have the toughest fighters up front, followed by the spellcasters, with weaker fighters guarding the rear. Lower level thieves act as weaker fighters in this case. Marching order may change when breaching as explained below.

Breaching/Close Quarters

No more immediately opening doors. The leader, preferably the thief, ought to listen at the door and unlock if necessary. Only after that should we assume standard formation and breach. Taking whole buildings into account, there isn’t a perfect strategy. We could try clearing one floor at a time, but doing so might leave us low on strength if there is a powerful enemy on a later floor. With more experience, and intentional analyzation, we can add to this.


We should refrain from useless combat when traveling. Things that waste spells, time, or other resources should be avoided. Engaging a small group of goblins wastes time; fighting neutral giants could waste spells/health. Of course, these situations don’t matter as much when we are traveling from town to town, but when embarking toward dungeons it is imperative to preserve resources.

Open/Large Scale

Being a small party, large, conventional, open combat becomes risky. We should therefore employ unconventional guerilla tactics when highly outnumbered, such as using superior terrain(buildings; concealed hills), utilizing surprise, and engaging in stealth. Spellcasters and weaker members should still try to take more cover.


I haven’t thought of other things to add besides obvious tactics like focusing damage. I mainly wanted to address the issue of rushing into rooms before the party is ready. I’d like to hear input from the rest of the party.


Author: Tre

Plays Tienarth.

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  1. “Sir Grug, you see he is trying to be constructive! His advice might save your life you see.”

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