Tienarth Tries Writing Poetry

During the downtime between casting spells and adventuring, Tienarth Tries his hand at rhyming. What he wrote is as follows:

Regarding raiders, our band is best across the land.
Imparting sabres, we slay the monsters hand in hand.
With gold profuse, again swoop and then recoup.
To introduce, as a group of six we troop.
Woe is me, adventurer elf, unmatched in magical wealth.
Foe is thee, slain by stealth, by thief who longs for another dealth*.
Retreating rarely, energetic dwarf always charging forth.
Defeating unwarily, pirate fourth come from the wharf.
Truest mission, battling priest spurns the undead.
Newest addition, halfling beast turns one instead.
To dead city, we resume our quest against the gloom.
We need be gritty, to exhume the best from the ancient tomb.
Success be found, this town so dear will become clear.
Treasure, joy, abound, nobody fear undead appear.

*dealth is an obsolete word meaning a share of something

Author: Tre

Plays Tienarth.

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