Tosasth (TOE-sasth) is a small town near St. Orlan that was overcome by a plague in 5389. Most people in St. Orlan learned of the debauchery of Tosasth before the plague and how good people turned away from them after the plague began. It is believed everyone in the town died over a year’s time. In 5541, a party of clerics journeyed to Tosasth for the purpose of consecrating the long dead, particularly to perform the baptism rites for the children or unconverted who died there.

The road to Tosasth begins five miles southwest of St. Orlan, beyond the headwaters of the south fork of the Beleniasa River. The cutoff from the main road that heads south is overgrown and easy to miss. From there, the road winds up through foothills for 10 miles. The old road climbs up and down a 3,500 foot peak, a journey of five miles in all. A small lake near the summit retains glacial ice year round.