Manual Of Alchemy

The Manual Of Alchemy allows a Magic User or Thief to learn how to brew potions or perform a few other alchemical feats. To use the book, the character must study a page for at least 8 hours a day for a week. At the end of the week, he will know if he understands the recipe. If he does not, he can make another attempt by studying another week. Once known, he will understand the ingredients, implements and procedures for following the recipe. The book must be present and open to the correct page to attempt a brewing which takes 1d4 hours.

To succeed in brewing, you must roll d20 versus the recipe difficulty, adding any intelligence bonus. The DM rolls for success and checks a table for the result of failure if necessary. You don’t know if you’ve succeeded until you try the potion.

Brew Failure

1-5Weak: the potion works as intended but all numeric effects are divided by 1d4.
6-79No effect: the potion has no effects at all.
80-85Intoxicating: you are incapacitated for 1d20 hours.
86-90Poison: after 1d20 turns, save vs death.
91-94Explosion: at completion, the potion explodes in a fireball  for 4d6 damage. Save for half damage.
95-98Different: you accidentally brewed a different potion. Determine randomly.
99Opposite: the potion has the opposite of the intended effect.
100Enhanced: actually, you made a potion that’s 1d10 times stronger.

Recipe Difficulties

Recipe DC Ingredients
Acid 12 Bile or stomach acid
Antitoxin 10 Snake venom
Clairaudience 15 Ears of any undead
Clairvoyance 15 Eyes of any undead
Cold Resistance 16 White dragon blood
Control Animal 16 Animal blood
Control Dragon 20 Dragon bile
Control Giant 19 Hair or Fingernail of giant or ogre
Control Human 17 Hair or Fingernail of human or demi-human, lotus pollen
Control Plant 15 Leaves, lotus pollen
Control Undead 18 Corpse dust, lotus pollen
Delusion 15 Lotus pollen
Diminution 17 Halfling blood
ESP 16 Human brain
Fire Bomb: self-igniting flask of oil 10 Oil, Fireweed
Fire Resistance 16 Red dragon blood
Flying 18 Roc feathers
Gaseous Form 18 Wraith dust
Giant Strength 19

Hair or Fingernail of giant or ogre

Growth 18 Giant blood
Healing 15 Holy water, human blood
Heroism 19 Holy water, Dust of one large sapphire
Invisibility 19 Eye of any undead
Invulnerability 20 Dragon blood
Levitation 16 Shadow essence
Longevity 15 Elf heart
Oil of Slipperiness 15 Oil, Frog skin
Poison 15 Animal venom
Polymorph Self 19 Chameleon liver
Smoke Bomb 10 Oil, Fireweed
Speed 18 Giant shrew bile
Treasure Finding 15 Dwarf brain
Water-breathing 16 Seaweed, Fish bile