The center of civilization is a massive land bordered by oceans to the east and west, imaginatively called the Eastern Ocean and the Western Ocean. The northern part of this land is ruled by barbaric tribes making war with the empire for centuries. Over the Western Ocean are the newly discovered Western Lands, otherwise called Ultam Oceanum or just Ultam. These lands are a frontier to the people of the empire and considered a dangerous place filled with treacherous half-people and other monsters.

Where the empire has made a foothold, the land is temperate. Steady trade transports goods to the frontier and treasures back to the east. Pirates roam the seas, particularly in the southern regions where Ultam turns tropical. An ancient civilization of lizardfolk populate the southern jungles.

Slateholm is a large port city in the western lands. Men have established forts and cities such as St. Orlan. The mountains west of Slateholm are said to host mysterious cities such as Tosasth and Dragonpit. Even farther west is the kingdom of Sax Nehringhen, a native of Ultam.