Draiocht Phainu

Draiocht Phainu is a spellbook discovered by Tienarth in a ruined estate on the road from St. Orlan to Tosasth. The book belonged to a long-dead mage named Phainu and includes the following inscription.

I promise eternal servitude to my lord Ithush in life and in death for the blessings of the arcane. In my blood I write commit these words of power so as to quench my master’s thirst for the blood of others.

Phainu of Tosasth

1st Level Spells

  • Detect Magic
  • Magic Missile
  • Sleep

2nd Level Spells

  • Continual Light
  • Locate Object
  • Wizard Lock

3rd Level Spells

  • Clairvoyance
  • Invisibility 10‘ radius