Tienarth is an elven mage played by Tre.  Tienarth has a strength of 4, an intelligence of 12, a wisdom of 11, a dexterity of 12, a constitution of 16, and a charisma of 7. He is 1012 (772) years old and is level 6 with 58,000/80,000 experience. Being a mage, Tienarth has a measly armor class of 12 and a +2 dagger. Tienarth knows 31 spells, those being read magic, ventriloquism, read languages, shield, charm person, protection from evil, magic missile, hold portal, sleep, floating disc, detect magic, dancing lights, invisibility, web, locate object, continual light, detect evil, mirror image, levitate, wizard lock, hold person, protection from normal missiles, haste, lightning bolt, clairvoyance, invisibility 10′ radius, slow, polymorph other, wizard eye, dimension door, and wall of fire. Tienarth boasts a high 33 hit points, and has 367 gold pieces.  Tienarth has a wand of treasure finding with 7 charges, a wand of Illusion with 2 charges, a wand of parlyzation with 16 charges, and a wand of cure serious wounds with ? charges. Because he is an elf, Tienarth can see in the dark for 60 feet, can randomly find secret doors easier, and is immune to paralysis from ghouls. Tienarth has a cursed scroll, a rope of climbing, a ring of protection +1, a pair of glasses enchanted with read languages, four spellbooks including his own, five poison potions(gave to Ferris), a bunch of spells on scrolls, a +0 magic walking staff, a cursed kris, a +2 magic dagger, a crystal ball, and a horse named banew.