Wand Recharging

To recharge an item:

  • Must be high enough level to produce effect of the item
  • Don’t need to know the spell itself
  • Must spend the magical energy needed for the effect, e.g. a 3rd level spell
  • Chance of success: 15% + 5% per caster level + INT – (current charges x 5)
  • On failure, the spell reflects back out on the caster and the item disintegrates.
  • Example: A 5th level mage with 17 INT attempts to charge a wand of fireball (3rd level spell) with 3 charges. After a night of rest, instead of memorizing lightning bolt, he tries to charge the wand. Chance of success is 15 + 25 + 17 – 15, or 42%. He rolls a 31 and a new charge is added. The next day, he tries again. The new chance of success is 15 + 25 + 17 – 20, or 37%. He rolls a 45. A 5d6 fireball explodes centered on the wand and the wand crumbles to dust.