Recruiting Retainers

The following expands on the retainer rules from page 39.

PCs spend a week in a settlement spreading the word about interviews. At the end of the week, a number of interested adventurers show up based on that week’s Training Max GP (per Experience for Gold). Divide this figure by 100 to determine the total levels responding (300 GP means 3 levels). Max level of any respondent is half of the recruiter level rounded down (9th level thief recruits up to 4th level adventurers).

Roll to determine the level of each respondent and subtract from total until reaching zero or less. For example, a 9th level thief recruits where 3 levels are available. He rolls a 2 on d4, meaning a 2nd level adventure shows up. Total drops to 1. A second roll of 3 means a 3rd level adventurer shows up. Total is now less than zero. The process ends.

Use the NPC Adventurer rules to generate each respondent. The character arrives with the stats and equipment listed.

The base payment to a retainer is a 15% share of loot recovered during each adventure. For each difference of 5%, adjust interview rolls by +/-1. Retainers always get a half share of XP. PCs can have at most 4 retainers adjusted by CHA bonus.

Apply the offered pay bonus and the CHA bonus of the recruiter to a 2d6 roll to determine the respondent’s reaction. A result less than 9 requires making a better offer. Results of 5 or less end negotiation with that respondent.

Upon hiring, record the Loyalty score, which is 7 adjusted by CHA bonus. This is a morale target to be rolled against when:

  • first encountering a threat, usually a monster,
  • when the entire party falls to about half strength, and
  • at the conclusion of an adventure.

As with monsters, retainers that fail morale will likely flee or perhaps surrender. A roll of a natural 2 increases Loyalty by 1.