Open Table

Following are rules to manage the open table campaign, the aim of allowing for games with not requirement of attending regularly. These rules aren’t in use in the Tienarth’s Raiders campaign.

  • Teleportation occurs frequently. Everyone in the dungeon arrived via teleportation. Sometimes people suddenly teleport away. This handles players not showing up for a session.
  • When characters come back, what happened to them is generated randomly. They might die. They might get XP.
  • When someone dies, coincidentally someone new teleports in nearby.
  • There is no known escape, no return to town. Find water, food and supplies in the dungeon.
  • Exotic items appear via teleportation, including high tech. Exotic people appear, including unusual classes and races.
  • Why does all this happen? No one knows.


Run downtime in blocks of weeks. Set a modifier in the range of +/- your level (e.g. -1, 0 or +1 if level 1). Roll 2d6, add modifier and consult the result.

2d6 + modWhat Happened This Week
2No encounters. Nothing found. Lose 1 week of food or starve.
3No encounters. Gathered 1d2 days of food.
4No encounters. Gathered 1d4 days of food.
5No encounters. Gathered 1d6 days of food.
6No encounters. Gathered 1d8 days of food.
7Avoided danger. Gathered 1 week of food.
81 in 4: Dead. Find 2d6 days of food. 1 in 4: found mundane item.
91 in 2: Dead else gain 1d6 x 100 XP. Find 2d6 days of food. 1 in 2: found mundane item.
104 in 6: Dead else gain 2d6 x 100 XP. Find 2d8 days of food. Find 1d4 mundane items. 1 in 8: found magic item.
113 in 4: Dead else gain 2d8 x 100 XP. Find 2d6 weeks of food. Find 1d4 mundane items plus any one named item. 1 in 4: found magic item.
12Dead by trap or monster.

Remove 1 week of food. A character can go without food for 3 days, after which he begins starving. Make a CON check. Roll d20 + CON – days starving (ie -1 for going 4 days without food). If total is 9 or less, take 1d6 DAM. Roll for each day without food to complete the week.


Most everyone wakes up in a field of tall grass, near the crest of a hill from which a rocky shore can be seen in all directions. Foamy waves crash against the rocks. A few yards way, a marble temple juts from the swaying grass. Flickering torchlight dances behind smooth columns.

Bring to me my treasure and relieve the debt upon your soul.

Passing between the columns, one finds a hulking statue, perhaps 30′ tall, squatting before a brazen cauldron. Engraved around the base are the commandment, “Bring to me my treasure and relieve the debt upon your soul.”

Stairs descend into darkness.


Treasure placed into the cauldron will be consumed in a burst of flame. All those witnessing will experience a wave of strength pass over them, adding to their XP score. The total value in gold pieces exchanges for an equal number of XP which is then equally divided between all witnessing the sacrifice.