The following table shows average cost of lodging, food and companionship. Adjust with 1d12. On a 1, reduce cost by d%. On a 12, increase by d%. Not all levels of

Cost Per Week Best Better Good Avg. Poor Bad
Room & Board 65gp 13gp 3gp 1gp 5sp 6sp 15cp
Room 50gp 10gp 2gp 1gp 5sp 1sp
Food 20gp 2gp 8sp 5sp 1sp 5cp
House 100gp 32gp 15gp 6gp 4gp 1g
Companion 300gp 100gp 20gp 12gp 4gp 2gp

Characters must seek companionship every month or suffer -1 to all skill-based rolls. For average companionship, roll once for disease due to exposure to filth. Roll twice for poor and thrice for bad companionship.